Proudly Carrying the Legacy: The Titleist Folds of Honor Players 4 Stand Bag

The Titleist Folds of Honor Players 4 special edition golf bag.

Folds Of Honor Foundation

The Titleist Folds of Honor Players 4 special edition golf bag was designed to support the Folds of Honor Foundation. The Folds of Honor Foundation is a nonprofit organization in the United States that was founded in 2007 by Major Dan Rooney, a former F-16 fighter pilot and PGA golf professional. The organization’s mission is to honor the sacrifices made by military families. Folds of Honor does so by ensuring that their loved ones’ legacies are honored through educational opportunities. Since the foundation started, they have granted over 44,000 scholarships or $220 million worth of education.

Folds of Honor has gained recognition for its efforts to support military families and provide educational opportunities to those who have lost a loved one or have had a family member injured in the line of duty. The foundation has also been involved in collaborations with various companies, including golf equipment manufacturers like Titleist. They create special edition products or initiatives that raise awareness and funds for their cause. Titleist also has a Folds of Honor collection on their site, which includes hats head covers, a player’s towel, the Players 4 golf bag, and Folds of Honors mid size bag. You can check out the collection at

Check out the Folds Of Honor Foundation at

The Titleist Folds of Honor Players 4 Golf Bag

The Folds of Honor Players 4 Stand Bag is a special edition of the popular Players 4 Stand Bag. Incorporating unique design elements such as premium camouflage patterns throughout the bag. Including featuring the Folds of Honor logo on one of the pockets and the premium double strap. This bag maintains the core features of the Players 4 line, including its lightweight and durable build. It also features a comfortable premium double strap for easy carrying, and high-quality aluminum legs for stable support when standing.

The Titleist Folds of Honor Players 4 Golf Bag offers a range of features and benefits.

Key features:

  • Folds of Honor Logo and Premium Camo Hits: The bag prominently displays the Folds of Honor logo on the side saddle pocket and strap, showing support for the organization. The premium camo hits provide a stylish and unique appearance.
  • American Flag Strap Hub: The American Flag featured on the strap hub adds a patriotic touch to the bag’s design.
  • Premium Double Strap: The bag comes with a high-quality double strap system, allowing you to comfortably carry your golf clubs over your shoulders, distributing the weight evenly.
  • Durable Aluminum Legs: The bag is equipped with high-grade aluminum legs. These legs provide stability and durability while standing on the course. These legs ensure that the bag remains upright and secure when not being carried.
  • Easy Access Tee Pocket: The horseshoe-style tee pocket offers easy access to your tees. Making it convenient to quickly grab one when needed.
  • Full-Length Apparel Pocket: The bag features a full-length apparel pocket with curved zippers, enhancing accessibility. This pocket provides ample space to store clothing and other accessories.
  • External Drink Sleeve: An external, lined drink sleeve lets you carry a beverage to stay hydrated while you golf. The lining helps to prevent condensation from affecting other items in the bag.
  • High-Quality Zippers: The bag is equipped with high-quality YKK zippers that ensure smooth operation and longevity.
  • 4-Way Top Cuff with Full-Length Dividers: The 4-way top cuff with full-length dividers helps keep your clubs organized. Each club has its dedicated slot, and prevents them from tangling. Making it easier to find and retrieve the club you need.
  • Velcro Glove Landing Patches: Velcro glove landing patches provide a convenient and secure place to attach your golf gloves when not in use.

Available at

You can purchase the Titleist Folds of Honor Players 4 Golf Bag at

The Titleist Folds of Honor Players 4 Golf Bag combines functionality and aesthetics making it a stylish and practical choice for golfers. The bag’s features cater to different aspects of the game, from club organization to storage and convenience during play.

Titleist is proud to partner with the Folds of Honor Foundation on this new lineup of special edition gear product. To learn more about our partnership and all the ways you can support Folds of Honor and their mission, click here.

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