Deep Dive Into The Ping Process

Marty Jertson & Shane Bacon Talk About the PING Design Process on Episode 8 of the PING Proving Grounds Podcast

PING is one of the most renowned golf companies in the world. The brand’s products can be found in any golf company under the sun and recognized by pros and amateurs alike. PING is constantly pushing the limits of club design and producing innovative clubs, no one knows what they will invent next. One thing is for sure, and it is that PING did not achieve its success by producing anything less than the best.

On Episode 8 of the PING Proving Grounds Podcast, Lead Engineer, Marty Jertson, tells us what it looks like to design some of the world’s best clubs.

The Inspiration

Creativity is often inspired by the mundane or ordinary parts of everyday life, and PING club design is no exception. Marty Jertson tells the story of how turbulators got added to PING drivers, and it is because they saw them on a helmet. They wanted to see if it would affect a golf club, so they welded little ridges onto the end of a club and started testing it. The turbulators seemed promising, so the engineers decided to continue their research.

Extensive Research

When PING engineers are researching new designs there’re two main questions. How do they optimize a design for maximum efficiency, and does this new design offer a significant upgrade to its predecessor. In order to maximize research, PING engineers run hundreds of digital simulations to gather data. This mass data collection helps them see what works, and what doesn’t. Allowing them to narrow down final design possibilities. The next step is making physical prototypes of the best designs and continuing research. One thing that can get in the way of great designs or ideas, is manufacturing capabilities. Some ideas have been pushed down the road because they simply can not be manufactured or mass-produced with current technology.

The Final Touches

Once PING has ran their test and picked the design that maximizes efficiency while offering something new, they bring the product up to PING standards. This means making the club feel, sound, and look like one of the best clubs on the market. In order to do this PING brings in tons of golfers to come test their product and give feedback. These final steps are what puts PING products head and shoulder above the competition. PING products play like the best and are perceived as the best.

PING’s extensive design process allows them to consistently produce the best equipment. Another enlightening podcast from Marty & Shane where we got an inside look at PING. The podcast is on iHeart Radio if you would like to listen to the podcast.

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