Review of The New Glide 3.0 Wedges

In this video, Jen and Lee discuss the new PING Glide 3.0 wedges that come with some very cool new technology and features.

This new wedge comes in four different styles mainly differentiated by the different sole widths. They have the thin sole, standard sole, wide sole, and the Eye2 which is the redesigned version of the original, very popular eye2 wedge designed by PING a few decades ago.

In addition to the different sole widths, these wedges also come with a new finish called the Hydropearl Chrome 2.0 finish which actually repels dirt and water which actually increases your swing speed and allows you to have smoother shots.

These clubs were also designed with 431 stainless steel which is a very soft metal. This specific alloy creates a pure feel when you hit with this wedge as well as making the club more forgiving.

These new clubs have all of these awesome features and more! To get the in-depth description of all that went into the creation of these new wedges and how they impact your game, watch the video above!

If you would like to check out the new PING Glide 3.0 wedges you can here.

Little Known PING Program, PING WRX, Allows Golfers to Get One of a Kind, Custom Putters!

Morton Golf Sales is one of the very few accounts in the United States that has an authorized online account with PING and is one of fewer still that actually use this special department inside their tour department, called PING WRX, to build one-of-a-kind special works of art specific to each customer that wants it.

PING WRX can take a putter, from one of their original designs all the way up to their more modern designs, and actually add elements to the putter to make them one-of-a-kind and specific to you.

We use our putters more than any of our other clubs and it should represent you.

The customizations that you can make to your putter through PING WRX include:

  1. Adding tungsten weight in the heel, toe, face or sole of the putter.
  2. Adding or taking away site dots.
  3. adding or taking away site lines.
  4. Custom etchings on the putter.
  5. Custom paint fills with the colors of your choice.
  6. Adding sound slots to change the feel and sound.

We’ve even had customers take an old design like a Scottsdale Anser and have it cast in a metal that had never been done before.

PING can do literally do nearly anything to almost any putter to make it unique to your game and we have all of these elements available on our website!

You can find all of our customization options here or you can simply call us at (916) 808-0977 and our customer service team can walk you through all of the different things that can be done to your PING putter to make it the most unique thing in your golf bag.

NEW PING G Le2 Women’s Clubs Review

PING recently released the new G Le2 women’s clubs and they are incredible! With a brand new color theme, an aerodynamic design modeled after the G410 driver and a whole new set of shaft options, these clubs are definitely the new leader in the world of woman’s clubs.

The first thing that you will notice about these clubs is that they have a brand new magenta color scheme with a matte finish that looks awesome.

Additionally, the G Le2 has the same features as the men’s G410 has as far as the technology.

It has the raised turbulator, a series of bumps on the top of the club that disrupt the airflow as you swing making it more aerodynamic. What this does is actually increase your swing speed and, as a result, the distance you hit the ball.

Another feature about this club is that it has the same low back weighting that all the PING drivers have, which is part of what has made them so successful.

This low back weighting creates a very low and deep center of gravity.

In other words, we are pushing as much weight as low and back in the club as possible which allows us to keep the club stable if you hit the ball more on the heel or toe. With more mass positioned low and back in the club that acts as an anchor and it will keep the club stable so when you miss-hit the club is going to twist less allowing it to put energy back to the ball more efficiently.

This ultimately creates fewer miss-hits and more consistent shots.

Another nice thing is we have the same adjustability as far as the loft. The standard loft for this club is 11.5 degrees however you can actually adjust the hosel and add or subtract up to a degree and a half a loft.

That’s a tremendous amount of flexibility in just one club and is something that wasn’t even possible 10 years ago.

This level of flexibility and personalization to your equipment is definitely a new development.

There are also a number of shaft options for these clubs.

We have the standard flex, light flex, the ultra-light, and more, so depending on your clubhead speed and skill level you can find the perfect shaft for you.

If you would like to learn more about or buy the PING G Le2 Driver for yourself, you can find it here.

In addition to the driver, the new G Le2 series actually has iron, hybrids and woods as well, all with similar design elements and all created to have a huge impact on your golf game.

The neat thing about these clubs is that you can actually design your own combination of clubs. So, let’s say that you prefer a 4 hybrid over a 4 iron and then get the rest in iron or almost any other combination.

AND, what makes this even better is that the hybrids and the irons are the same prices, so you can mix and match as you need without the overall cost increasing.

Some of the notable features of these clubs include that with the irons you’ll notice that there is a screw out on the toe and that’s actually a tungsten weight. What they do is we actually balance the club out when they’re building it so that it has equal weight on the heel and toe. This helps to keep the clubface square to the target and reduce twisting on mishits.

Additionally, there have been improvements in the face and cavity of the irons that make them even more forgiving, helping you to hit straight and more consistently.

However, one of the most important things to know about these clubs is that because of all the different customization options, it is essential that you get fitted.

In addition to everything previously mentioned there is also the concept of what lie angle is best for you, what shaft length, what your bag make up should be and more.

If you are interested in these clubs we would highly recommend that you schedule a fitting to find out what the perfect set would look like for you.

If you would like to find out more about or purchase the new G Le2 women’s clubs you can find them here.

Add a Custom Sound Slot to Your PING Putter With This Special Program!

Through a program called PING WRX, Morton Golf is able to offer incredible customization options for customers that are buying PING Putters, one of which is creating a sound slot on your new putter.

This is a slot that they cut through the sole of the putter that goes all the way from heel to toe and is often associated with a more crisp sound and better feel.

In golf, many people associate feel with sound and in this case, a sound slot creates a louder click on the club and makes it feel like that of a harder face or heavier metal.

Doing this takes about 10 grams of weight out of the face of the putter and you can do it on any blade style putter.

All you have to do to add this to your order is:

  1. Have your putter of choice in your cart.
  2. Search “PING Wrx” in the search bar.
  3. Select the sound slot option.
  4. Enter any required information.
  5. Add it to your card and you are on your way!

Some companies call this feature a floating face or beaching, but PING uses sound slot as their terminology so make sure you look for that.

If you want to see what PING putters we have available you can here and if you want to add the custom sound slot option to your order you can here.

How to Customize the Siteline of Your PING Putter!

Morton Golf is one of the few retailers in the country that uses a program that PING makes available called PING WRX where you gain the ability to add a number of customizations to your new PING putter.

One of these customization options is to create a custom siteline on the top of your putter.

The options that you have available based on the type of putter are to add or subtract the siteline, add the siteline to the leading edge, take it off, add one that goes all the way back and almost anything else you could want, depending on which club you are looking to get.

To order this just go to then…

  1. Add the putter you want to your cart.
  2. Search “PING WRX” in the search bar.
  3. Click on the custom siteline option.
  4. Enter the relevant information in the required fields.
  5. Add it to your cart.
  6. Then you are ready to check out and once you do, this will be applied to your order.

If you want to see what PING putters we have available you can see them here and if you want to add this customization to your card you can find it here.

PING Sigma 2 Anser Putter Review

Recently PING recently their new Sigma G2 series and, most notably, the newest iteration of the Anser putter. The Anser was one of Karsten Solheim’s original designs and is one of the best selling putter styles of all time.

However, this new Anser putter has a couple awesome new features that make it even better!

1.) Scrolled face

The face of this club has a new look with a scrolling design that has been engineered for a very specific purpose. What they have actually done is taken material out of the middle of the club and added more on the sides. Doing this makes the putter more forgiving and helps you hit more consistently straight putts, as well as hit the same distance no matter where you make contact with the ball one face of the club.

2.) Face materials

This new putter has a 3 layer face, primarily made of resin materials which create a soft feel on impact and add to that forgiveness of the putter. This makeup has lead to many players talking about a slightly different feel and sound that is more solid and feel like that are consistently making better impact with the ball.

3.) Extendable Grip

This new putter also features the new PP60 adjustable grip which allows you to do something really cool! This grip finally makes it possible for you to be able to change your shaft length between 32 inches and 37 inches.

This makes it possible for you to change the shaft length to adjust to your everchanging golf game or if you have someone that needs to share with you it makes it possible to do so without having to halt the game!

Overall, we recommend this putter as a great addition to your bag! If you want to check out the new PING Sigma 2 Anser Putter you can here.

How to Add a Custom Site Dot to Your PING Putter.

As one of the few online retailers offering customized PING Putters through a program called PING WRX, Morton Golf Sales has the unique ability to offer many customization options for new PING putters being purchased by Morton Golf Sales customers.

One of the options that our customers have available to them is to create a custom site dot on their putter.

This site dot can be added to the top rail of your putter closest to the face to allow you to hit even more accurately and sink more of your puts.

You can add this customization to your order in just a few easy steps.

  1. Add the putter of your choice to your cart.
  2. Search “PING WRX” in the search bar at the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Click on the “site dot” listing.
  4. Select your option from the drop-down menu.
  5. Add this item to your cart and you’re on your way!

That’s it, that’s how you add a custom site dot to your new putter. If you would like to learn more about how to do this, just watch the video above and if you would like to add this to your order you can find it here.

How to Customize Your PING Putter With Etched Lettering

Through a program called PING WRX, we are able to offer incredible customization options to our customers and one of those options is custom etching on your new PING putter!

With this option, you can add an etching in block or cursive lettering to the face, heel, toe or sole of the putter depending on the make and model.

This is a great way to make it extra special if you are getting the putter for someone as a gift for their birthday, anniversary, or some other occasion as you can add important dates, nicknames and more.

To do this, all you have to do is have the putter of your choice in your cart, then search PING WRX and find the “etched Lettering” option. Select this option, add your message in the special instruction section and, once you are done, just add this to your cart, check out and that etching will be applied.

If you want to learn more, just watch the video above and if you want to add this item to your order you can find it here.

How to Customize the Weight of Your PING Putter

Morton Golf Sales is one of the few retailers in the country that offers the PING WRX program to our customers and with this, you are able to customize your PING putter in INCREDIBLE ways.

One of which is by being able to customize the weight of your putter by adding tungsten inserts to certain aspects of your clubs. You can add this weight to the heel, toe, back or other areas of the putter head depending on the model and this can help your game in two ways…

  1. It can help you hit more consistent and straighter puts as a result of the club reacting better to slight miss-hits.
  2. You can adjust the club to the weight you are used to so that you don’t have to adjust to a new club weight and can keep your old swing.

Having this ability to manipulate the weight of your club has a huge impact on your game which is exactly why PING has made it available to all of our customers!

If you want to find out how to add this customization to your next club, just watch the video above!

If you would like to add it to your order, you can here.

How to Add Custom Colors To Your PING Putter

Have you ever wanted to create a customized putter that is one of a kind?

Maybe one that has your favorite color in it, the colors of your favorite team, or of your country? If so, then this video will tell you exactly how to do just that through a program called PING WRX.

Morton Golf Sales is one of very few retailers in the country to offer this program to our customers and what it does is allow you to change elements of your favorite putter to make it custom to your style and skill level.

One of the coolest things that you can do is add custom color accents from a range of 9 total colors to any of the design elements of the club such as the model name, numbers and even the word “PING” that is etched on each club.

Want to know how to add this to your order and create a custom putter exactly to your liking? Watch the video above to find out how!

You can add it to your cart here, but make sure you order a putter as well to be able to apply it to!