How to Get Started Playing Golf?

Golf can be a daunting sport to enter. It is often said to have one of the highest barriers to entry of any sport. After equipment, lessons, and green fee costs, it can be an expensive sport to enter. Likewise, starting golf can require an immense amount of training and practicing time. If you or someone you know is looking to get into the game, then here are some easy ways to get started.


Golf equipment can be exceptionally expensive. We recommend beginners who are looking to save money start with a box set of clubs. Morton Golf Sales and the Haggin Oaks Super Shop have complete sets starting at $199.99. These sets come with every club needed to begin. They also include a golf bag for that price. This can be an excellent option for a beginner. Additionally, used equipment can provide a good bargain. At Haggin Oaks there are used club sales periodically throughout the summer. This can be an excellent opportunity for anyone to get some lightly used equipment at great prices.


Purchasing your equipment is only part of starting to golf. The hardest part is getting proficient at playing. Luckily, Haggin Oaks offers a wide range of lesson packages. There are solo lessons and group lessons as well. Luckily, there are a ton of varying price ranges for these lessons. There are some truly affordable options that aim to get even the most inexperienced players out on the course.

Green Fees

Green fees scare off a lot of potential golfers. However, there are some strategies to save money when it comes to purchasing a tee time. Make sure to subscribe to email newsletters to get the latest sales and promotions. Also make sure to book your times online. Most places offer cheaper times if you broke online. Lastly, golf at non-peak times. Most courses utilize dynamic pricing. That means peak times are more expensive, but non-peak times are very cheap.

10 Greatest Golf Movies

Summertime is quickly coming to a close. It’s time to celebrate and rewatch some of those classic golf movies. To help you decide which ones, we here at Haggin Oaks have compiled a list of the 10 greatest golf movies in no particular order

Caddyshack – 1980

Easily in the top 10 comedies of all time. Directed by Harold Ramis, this classic follows Danny Noonan and his experience caddying at the Bushwood Country Club. No movie has been quoted more out on the golf course more than Caddyshack. If you’re looking for a nostalgic laugh this summer then there’s no better film.

The Legend of Bagger Vance – 2000

Featuring a star-studded cast, this film follows Rannulph Junuh (Matt Damon), a former local golfer. With the help of Bagger Vance (Will Smith) Rannulph attempts to return himself to his former glory on the course. Overall, it’s an excellent cast and one of the few large budget golf films. If you’re wanting a golf drama then be sure to watch The Legend of Bagger Vance this summer.

Happy Gilmore – 1996

Definitely not aimed towards serious golfers, this Adam Sandler comedy is a great movie to unwind with. Following Happy Gilmore’s (Adam Sandler) unlikely rise to fame, the film pokes fun at some of golfs deep-rooted traditions. In truth, Happy Gilmore is just desperately trying to repurchase his grandmother’s house back before it is sold. It’s a hilarious movie that will entertain the whole family this summer.

The Greatest Game Ever Played – 2005

This biographical film portrays Francis Ouimet’s (Shia LaBeouf) implausible win of the 1913 U.S. Open as an Amateur. Ouimet fights to overcome the social perception of the times that golf was only a wealthy sport. This film has a great message and is a good family summer movie. Definitely check this one out if you haven’t already.

Tin Cup – 1996

Here’s a film to watch with your significant other. This romantic comedy features Roy McAvoy (Kevin Costner) falling in love with Dr. Molly Griswold (Rene Russo). McAvoy qualifies for the US Open and attempts to win in order to win Molly’s heart. If you and your significant other are both golfers then this movie is a no brainer.

Bobby Jones Stroke of Genius – 2004

Similar to The Greatest Game Ever Played, this biographical drama instead focuses on the life of Bobby Jones (Jim Caviezel). While a box office disaster, this film is an entertaining look at one of the world’s greatest golfers. The movie hits home the lesson that mastering your emotions can be the hardest battle of all. This lesson holds true in life and especially out on the golf course. It is definitely worth checking out.

Tommy’s Honour – 2016

The most recent film on our list, Tommy’s Honour follows the lives of Tom Morris and his son Tommy Morris. Its a story of family drama and the creation of the modern game of golf. Overall, it is an interesting story few golfers are knowledgeable of. If you’re a true golf fan or like to watch dramas then this is a film to watch.

The Short Game – 2013

Breaking away from the other films on this list, The Short Game is a documentary. Co-produced by Justin Timberlake, the film follows eight young golfers from the globe and their quest to compete in the U.S. Kids Golf Championship. It provides an interesting insight into the world of highly competitive youth sports. If you are looking for some interesting nonfiction golf content, then give this one a try.

Seven Days in Utopia – 2011

Tarnished at release by lackluster box office sales. In the movie, Luke Chisholm (Lucas Black) is a professional golfer who has anger issues out on the course. He crashes his car following the event and must wait in Utopia while it is fixed. There Johnny Crawford (Robert Duvall) helps him overcome his own personal challeneges. The film definitely includes some important messages and can be an interesting film to watch this summer.

From the Rough – 2011

This sports drama is based on a true story. The film is about Catana Sparks (Taraji Henson) and her struggle to create Tennesee State University’s first golf team. She became the first woman ever to coach a men’s golf team. Whether entirely accurate or not, the film is a captivating story. Give this film a look if you haven’t already.

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