Breaking Down the Cobra DARKSPEED with Cobra’s VP of Innovation

Mike Yagley, Cobra’s VP of Innovation, discusses what makes DARKSPEED so unique and which model is best for you.

We caught up with Mike Yagley, Cobra’s VP of Innovation, at the PGA Show this year. He showed us how the DARKSPEED drivers are constructed and broke down which DARKSPEED offering is best for which types of players. With their re-engineered PowerBridge technology and a number of aerodynamic design revisions, DARKSPEED delivers faster ball speeds and longer distances as Cobra’s most innovative clubs yet.

Cobra DARKSPEED drivers and fairways come in 3 models: the LS, Max, and the X. For most players, they will find the best results with the LS. The X is a great option for players looking for distance and more forgiveness out of their clubs. And finally, the Max sports two weight positions for the player who needs even more forgiveness and accuracy.

Like Mike says, the best way to find the perfect DARKSPEED model for you is to get fit. Call (916) 808-2531 to schedule a fitting in the Haggin Oaks Player Performance Studio today!

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