How to fix Gapping Issues for all Golfers

Shane Bacon & Marty Jertson Share Their Guide to Gapping on Episode 7 of Ping Proving Grounds Podcast

Ever since the introduction of the 14-club rule in 1936, gapping has been an issue. Gapping is one of the most complicated issues in golf because there is not one easy answer. Each golfer is going to gap differently and a golfer’s gapping style is likely to change as they progress. There is no one size fits all or easy way to find a solution. Luckily, Shane Bacon & Marty Jertson are here to share their tips in tricks as seasoned golf veterans. They enlighten us on how to fix gapping.

For those of you who are not familiar with the term gapping, it refers to the fact that there is a distance gap between each of your clubs due to the fact you hit each one a different length. Golfers try to build the perfect set of clubs, leaving them with as few gaps as possible.

Marty & Shane’s Guide to Gapping

Marty and Shane have spent plenty of time at PING Proving Grounds and on the course, dedicated to improving their golf game and solving the gapping problem. They know a thing or two because they’ve seen numerous examples of gapping. With their extensive knowledge of gapping, they came up with an equation that gives golfers a rough estimate of how to gap their clubs. This equation takes the ball speed of your 7 iron and divides it by 10, the result estimates how much distance should be between each of your irons. For example, if you hit your 7 iron at 130 MPH, then you should have a 13yd gap between your irons. They also found that 50% of approach shots fall within 120 yds and 165 yds. This means having proper gapping for this distance is crucial as a large portion of golf is played from this distance. This held true for golfers across all skill levels, gapping is an issue every golfer struggles with.

PING’s Solution to Gapping

Being the innovative company that they are, PING took a stab at the gapping problem. Sure enough, they have come up with the most efficient solution to date. The old way to measure gapping was to simply go hit a few good shots with all of your clubs and fill the gaps from there. This method is flawed simply because most golfers are unable to hit a few good shots with all of their clubs in one sitting. Instead of needing a golfer to hit all of their clubs, PING needs them to hit just one. With the all-new PING Gapping App, gapping has never been easier. The app tracks all your swing data from just your 7 iron and then it is able to predict how you will hit the rest of your clubs with high degrees of accuracy. This allows golfers to be more confident when stepping onto the course, enabling them to play their best golf. The PING Gapping App is available at all PING fitters, simply ask about the Gapping app. PING knows how to fix gapping.

Shane Bacon and Marty Jertson have since again enlightened the golfing community. If you would like to hear their wisdom for yourself, listen to the PING Proving Grounds Podcast. Tune in next week for another summary of the PING Proving Grounds Podcast!

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