Learn How to Practice Like the Pros

Learn to Maximize Your Time at the Driving Range and Practice Like the Pros With These 5 Simple Tips

Practicing at the driving range is the best way to prepare for the course, but it is not perfect. Many golfers find themselves hitting far better on the driving range compared to when they actually play. It makes golfers feel like they are wasting their time because they are not improving. Today we want to help you from falling into this rut on the range by giving you tips on how to practice like the pros. Learn to maximize your time and the range and quickly see results through your scores.

1. Warm-up Your Body

Stretching can have a negative stigma as some see it as unnecessary or something you only do when you need to. But the reality is that stretching is necessary to warm up your body and keep you healthy. All professional golfers stretch before they start swinging, even the young ones. It doesn’t need to be a grand stretching routine but at least get some arm circles in and reach for your toes.

2. Utilize Alignment Sticks

Alignment sticks are an extremely useful tool and there is no shame in using them. The visual aid of alignment sticks helps golfers keep their swing straight and know when it isn’t. Alignment sticks are beneficial for golfers of all skill levels, especially if they are struggling to hit the ball straight.

3. Work Your Way Up

When you practice at the driving range it is important to start with your shorter clubs, like a 9 iron or wedge, and work your way up to your long irons and driver. Starting with the shorter clubs allows you to swing with less power and focus on accuracy and technique while easing into your swing. You will gradually work through your clubs and by the time you get to your driver you’ll be all warmed up and ready to go.

4. Aim for a Target

This tip is simple and crucial, yet it is often overlooked. On the driving range, it can be hard to resist the urge to bash balls as far as you can, but this is not an efficient way to practice. Picking out a target to aim for will improve your accuracy and help you maximize your time on the range. If you don’t want to pick a target, at least try to hit it straight.

5. Stay Focused

When practicing it is important to lock in and keep yourself from getting distracted. Focus intently and each of your swings, notice what you are doing wrong, what you’re doing right, and adjust your swing. Improving your swing takes tremendous concentration and you need to block out all distractions. On the range, it is just you and your game.

Try out these tips next time you visit the Haggin Oaks Driving Range and you see drastic improvements in no time. Remember to take every range session seriously and practice like the pros.

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