The Rarest Score In Golf Is The “Condor”

It is true that the rarest score in golf is the “condor,” which is achieved when a golfer makes a hole-in-one on a par-5 hole. While there are no official statistics on the frequency of condors, only a handful have been recorded in golf history. Why Is It Rare? The reason for the rarity of the condor is that par-5 holes are typically much longer and more difficult than par-3 or par-4 holes. This means it is more challenging for a golfer to reach the green in one shot. Additionally, many par-5 holes have hazards, such as bunkers or water… [Continue Reading “The Rarest Score In Golf Is The “Condor””]

The Odds of Making Two Holes In One In the Same Round of Golf

There is no exact data but… It is true that the chances of making two holes in one in the same round of golf are extremely low? While there is no exact data on the odds of achieving this feat, most estimates put the odds at around 67 million to 1. To put this in perspective, the odds of being struck by lightning in the United States are approximately 1 in 700,000. This means that the odds of making two holes in one in the same round of golf are much lower than the odds of being struck by lightning.… [Continue Reading “The Odds of Making Two Holes In One In the Same Round of Golf”]

U.S. Kids Golf epTOUR Golfs Forward

A new line of products for elite players, the next step forward in youth golf. Our most advanced driver EVER! The U.S. Kids Golf epTOUR Driver head uses variable thickness cup face technology for the fastest allowable USGA/R&A ball speeds across the entire face. Utilizing an ultra-strength carbon fiber crown, we have produced our most forward and lowest driver center-of-gravity to date, ensuring the low launch, low spin, and boring trajectory characteristics that elite players demand. The adjustable hosel and head weighting system ensures you are always dialed in for your unique swing, course setup conditions, or trajectory demands. Look… [Continue Reading “U.S. Kids Golf epTOUR Golfs Forward”]

Titleist Unveils New Bag Colors For 2023!

The Titleist bag isn’t just functional and practical; it’s also stylish and sleek. The classic design features the iconic Titleist logo and comes in various colors to match any golfer’s style. Check out the New 2023 Titleist Bag Colors for the Titleist Players 5 Stand Bags, Titleist Players 4 Stand Bags, and Titleist Carry Bags. Titleist Players 5 Stand Bags Designed for convenience, durability and ease of use so you can stay organized and focused on your game, the NEW Players 5 Stand Bag delivers a versatile design that features abundant storage, a premium double strap and an all-new, 5-way… [Continue Reading “Titleist Unveils New Bag Colors For 2023!”]

Cobra Aerojet Iron Approved By Sam

Sam Powell works at the Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop in Sacramento, CA. as a club fitter. Clearly, he knows a thing or two about golf clubs and everything else golf. We put his expertise to the test with the new Cobra Aerojet Iron. Sam Pro tested the Aerojet and approved it for amateur golfers and pros alike. Look at the video above to hear Sam’s review in his own words. Launch The Ball Off The Planet! Is that possible? You can come close with this iron because of the built-in power technology. You genuinely have distance by design that… [Continue Reading “Cobra Aerojet Iron Approved By Sam”]

Top 5 Putters of 2023

Ken Morton Jr. Shares His Expertise On The Top 5 Putters In 2023 If your short game needs a boost, check out our top 5 putters of 2023 (so far)! In general, the best putter clubs in 2023 would likely be designed to provide golfers with greater accuracy, consistency, and control on the greens. Luckily, we have Ken Morton Jr. to share his expertise on why these five putters are on top. Watch the video above to get his strongest recommendations on 2023 putters. 1. Titleist Scotty Cameron Super Select Putters – 2023 For his latest evolution of the world’s… [Continue Reading “Top 5 Putters of 2023”]

Big Bertha Reva 23 For Women Is Here

Designed for women to unlock your distance with a premium technology package. With Big Bertha REVA 23, Callaway used significant research and testing with women to create optimized lofts, swing weights, shaft lengths, and a forgiving head shape to help you hit it a lot farther. Big Bertha Reva 23 Driver This driver promotes high launch and low spin to take the slice or big miss out of your game. Callaway developed a total ball speed package with their A.I. Designed Flash Face SS21, Super Strength Titanium, and innovative Jailbreak Technology. The RCH 40 shaft completes the premium technology package,… [Continue Reading “Big Bertha Reva 23 For Women Is Here”]


A MATERIAL DIFFERENCE IN PERFORMANCE WITH GREAT BIG BERTHA 23 Great Big Bertha 23 has just arrived in time for spring. So spring into action and read this article to learn about the Callaway’s latest series. Great Big Bertha 23 Drivers Our most technologically advanced driver utilizes an ultra-lightweight chassis and easy-to-swing design to increase club head speed and overall distance. Legendary Great Big Bertha Distance from an Innovative, Lightweight Design This easy-to-swing driver is engineered with an ultra-lightweight design for unmatched distance characteristics. It’s nearly 30g lighter than a tour driver, and it’s an ideal option for golfers who… [Continue Reading “GREAT BIG BERTHA 23 IS HERE”]


REIGNITE YOUR GAME WITH THE TAYLORMADE MINI DRIVER We proudly announce the TAYLORMADE MINI DRIVER, a real treat for golfers looking to reignite their game. There is even more good news for you; it will be released soon on Morton Golf Sales. Be sure to subscribe to the Morton Golf Sales blog for alerts. Driven to lead the industry in product innovation, TaylorMade is committed to exploring new frontiers, pushing the limits of product manufacturing, and constantly pursuing the next significant breakthrough in golf. A modern interpretation of a classic design, TaylorMade BRNR Mini Driver pays homage to the late-90s… [Continue Reading “TAYLORMADE BRNR MINI DRIVER COMING SOON!”]

The New JAWS Raw 23 Wedge

Designed with new technologies and honed with Roger Cleveland’s 40-plus years of expert craftsmanship, the New JAWS Raw 23 Wedge brings raw scoring performance to your wedge game. JAWS Raw Wedges feature three key pieces of technology that make the club a total spin machine. First, razor sharp grooves promote a controlled, “one hop and stop” trajectory. Next, offset groove-in groove technology with milled micro-grooves positioned at a 20 degree angle deliver added spin on chips, pitches, and lob shots. Finally, the new raw design removes plating on the face for maximum friction and spin, as well as allowing the… [Continue Reading “The New JAWS Raw 23 Wedge”]