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Evnroll 2024 Neo Classic Putter Unprecedented Precision

Experience unprecedented precision with Evnroll 2024 Neo Classic Putter – engineered for enhanced ball speed and unparalleled stability, embodying their most innovative putter technology to date. Now available at The Haggin Oaks Golf Super Shop.

The Evroll 2024 Neo Classic Putters are newly redesigned and are offered in a soft satin finish or black finish.

The new Dual Response insert has the same groove technology as all of their other putters allowing the Neo Classic to move 30 G of weight from the center of the putter to the heel toe and rear of the putter. This makes for a far more stable and more forgiving putter with a higher MOI for better speed control allowing you to make more putts!

Image of Dual Response insert

Evnroll’s groundbreaking and unique patented groove technology provides unprecedented accuracy and zero dispersion, earning them multiple awards for having the sweetest face in golf.

Zero Dispersion: A series of closely spaced variable width channels that are wider in the center and get gradually narrower toward the heel and toe create a precisely calibrated v-shape that progressively redirects the ball down the target line.

Even Roll Distance: Since the channels get narrower away from the center, that spacing gets wider. This increase in contact surface means more energy transfer when a ball is hit away from the sweet spot.

The Evnroll Neo Classics line is made up of five classic Evnroll head shapes: ER1.2, ER2, ER2.2, ER5, ER8. The blades are classic Anser variations. The ER5 is a fang-shaped mallet, and the ER8 has a classic round mallet profile.

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