Andrew Rice’s Advice for the High Handicapper on PING’s Podcast

Andrew Rice advises high-handicap golfers on ball-striking techniques and Trackman technology for improved performance and enjoyment in PING’s Proving Grounds Podcast Episode 39.

PING is one of the most renowned golf companies in the world. The brand’s products can be found in any golf company under the sun and recognized by pros and amateurs alike. PING is constantly pushing the limits of club design and producing innovative clubs. One thing is for sure, and it is that PING did not achieve its success by producing anything less than the best.

On Episode 39 of the PING Proving Grounds Podcast, Lead Engineer, Marty Jertson, and Shane Bacon welcome PING Brand Ambassador Andrew Rice to the pod to discuss his mission to help people play better golf so they enjoy it more. They talk about the tools and technology that have changed his approach to teaching, common equipment mistakes that high-handicap players make, the importance of knowing your carry numbers, and the best ways to practice

Andrew Rice: Mastering the Basics

In this episode Andrew Rice emphasizes the significance of having a solid golf foundation, by primarily focusing on the way you strike your golf ball. While also acknowledging the importance of your short game and putting. Rice believes that mastering the art of hitting the ball is the cornerstone of to improve your golf game. By analyzing ball flight characteristics such as distance, height, and curvature, Rice helps his clients understand the dynamics of their swings.

Using Technology to Enhance Teaching

Rice discusses how the transformative role of technology, especially Trackman, has revolutionized his approach to teaching. He views Trackman as one of his most valuable tools when understanding ball flight dynamics. Rice utilizes Trackman’s data to identify areas for improvement in his students’ swings. He focuses on the functional aspects rather than mere aesthetics, Rice emphasizes the importance of leveraging technology to optimize performance. Trackman has been integral for Andrew Rice as a teacher, it has taught him the essence of how the golf swing looks but in the function of the individuals golf swing.

In Episode 39 of the PING Proving Ground Podcast, Andrew Rice shares valuable advice into how individuals with a high-handicap can improve their golf performance. By prioritizing fundamental skills, understanding his client motivations, and harnessing cutting-edge technology like Trackman, Rice explains his approach to coaching which is motivated to help his clients enjoy the art of playing golf..

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