PING Sigma 2 Anser Putter Review

Recently PING recently their new Sigma G2 series and, most notably, the newest iteration of the Anser putter. The Anser was one of Karsten Solheim’s original designs and is one of the best selling putter styles of all time.

However, this new Anser putter has a couple awesome new features that make it even better!

1.) Scrolled face

The face of this club has a new look with a scrolling design that has been engineered for a very specific purpose. What they have actually done is taken material out of the middle of the club and added more on the sides. Doing this makes the putter more forgiving and helps you hit more consistently straight putts, as well as hit the same distance no matter where you make contact with the ball one face of the club.

2.) Face materials

This new putter has a 3 layer face, primarily made of resin materials which create a soft feel on impact and add to that forgiveness of the putter. This makeup has lead to many players talking about a slightly different feel and sound that is more solid and feel like that are consistently making better impact with the ball.

3.) Extendable Grip

This new putter also features the new PP60 adjustable grip which allows you to do something really cool! This grip finally makes it possible for you to be able to change your shaft length between 32 inches and 37 inches.

This makes it possible for you to change the shaft length to adjust to your everchanging golf game or if you have someone that needs to share with you it makes it possible to do so without having to halt the game!

Overall, we recommend this putter as a great addition to your bag! If you want to check out the new PING Sigma 2 Anser Putter you can here.

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