PING i525 Iron Technology: Explained

Is This The Best Players Distance Iron?

Players-Distance irons have established themselves as a substantial segment of the iron market. In addition, we have them available online for you. These irons are designed under the promise of delivering the precision and feel of a blade, while simultaneously offering improved distance and forgiveness. PING established themselves as a strong player in this segment with their previous i500 irons. However, with the release of the i525 irons, PING looks to definitively create the best players-distance iron available.

Forged, Maraging Steel Face

The main advancement of the PING i525 is the Forged, Maraging Steel Face. The benefits of forged components are well known in the golf industry. Forged metal has a more uniform grain structure and consistency than cast components. However, PING has created a variable thickness forged face. This is a similar concept to Callaway’s artificial intelligence (AI) designed Epic Flash Face technology.

By changing the thickness of the 17-4 Stainless Steel face, Ping is able to increase flexing and create a hotter face. 

The Unique Tiered Shape

The PING i525 is visually thicker than a true blade iron. The shape is more similar to its direct competitors the Callaway Apex Pro, TaylorMade P770, and Mizuno Pro 225. There is a reason why players-distance irons feature similar shapes. The larger size allows PING and other brands to expand the perimeter weighting. The PING i525 is engineered with a unique tiered shape and combines its tungsten toe weight and shaft tip weight to precisely balance the iron.

Golfers can expect improved consistency and forgiveness from this improved moment of inertia (MOI). 

This generation, PING has addressed an issue some consumers had with the previous i500 irons. Some golfers complained of a hollow sound on impact. For the release of the i525, PING has injected the cavity with a unique polymer that improves the sound and performance. The polymer inhibits any unwanted vibrations within the head, while also providing more stability.

The polymer inhibits any unwanted vibrations within the head, while also providing more stability.

Lastly, PING has implemented their Micromax Groove technology to the new i525 lineup. The precision milling method PING has established during the manufacturing process, results in roughly four extra grooves with tighter spacing and improved geometry. These grooves work to preserve spin characteristics and improve consistency. Paired with the water-repelling hydropearl 2.0 finish, the i525 is a great club for wet weather conditions. 

Overall, PING continues to innovate and push the boundaries of machining and technology with their i525 irons. While many of the changes and adjustments are visually subtle, the combined effects produce one of the best players-distance iron packages currently on the market. We are happy to partner with PING to bring you their latest iron technology. Click the link below to get started.


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