PING i525 Iron Technology: Explained

Is This The Best Players Distance Iron? Players-Distance irons have established themselves as a substantial segment of the iron market. In addition, we have them available online for you. These irons are designed under the promise of delivering the precision and feel of a blade, while simultaneously offering improved distance and forgiveness. PING established themselves… [Continue Reading “PING i525 Iron Technology: Explained”]

Myths Behind Beryllium Copper Golf Irons

Beryllium copper irons, more specifically the Beryllium Copper Ping Irons, have established an almost mythological reputation in the golf industry. Beryllium copper is said to be the greatest material ever used for golf irons. The copper supposedly provides an unrivaled feel and performance compared to its counterparts. In this article, we will take a look… [Continue Reading “Myths Behind Beryllium Copper Golf Irons”]

The PING Golf Hoofer 14 Carry Bag for 2020 is an excellent choice for any golfer.

Ping has a great selection of golf bags for all types of players, but the Hoofer 14 Carry Bag remains one of our top sellers. Each release of a new Ping Hoofer 14 Carry Bag is always a very exciting time of year! This golf bag always strikes the ideal balance of features, storage, durability,… [Continue Reading “The PING Golf Hoofer 14 Carry Bag for 2020 is an excellent choice for any golfer.”]