Which PING G430 Fairway Woods Is Best For You?

The G430 Fairway Woods Go The Distance The exceptional G430 Fairway Woods, have Carbonfly Wrap to deliver more distance by positioning the CG closer to the force line to maximize ball speed, resulting in higher, longer carries, whether fit for the MAX or SFT model. The lightweight composite crown wraps into the heel and toe sections of the skirt, creating weight savings of 10 grams which are reallocated to achieve the lower the CG and increase ball speed. The composite also plays a role in the pleasing sound. A tungsten backweight extends the perimeter weighting to ensure forgiveness. Two proven… [Continue Reading “Which PING G430 Fairway Woods Is Best For You?”]

Now on Sale PING G425 Steel and Graphite Shaft Irons

The G425 Steel and Graphite Shaft Irons are now on sale. The only question is which one do you prefer? You can now choose between the steel shaft, which offers you a good feel and durability, or the lightweight graphite shaft, which provides more distance. You can read more below to learn about the PING G425 Irons,. But first, watch the PING video below showing the consistent distance the G425 Iron Set provides. How To Choose Between The New G425 Steel Or Graphite Shaft Iron Sets. Choosing between the G425 Iron with steel vs. graphite shaft depends on your preference… [Continue Reading “Now on Sale PING G425 Steel and Graphite Shaft Irons”]

Pre-Order PING i230 Irons and PING iCrossover

The New PING i230 Irons and iCrossover are now available for pre-order. PING i230 Irons Already a winner on Tour, the players-style i230 iron delivers consistent and predictable distance control with tighter dispersion for hitting precise yardages. An activated elastomer insert creates discretionary weight to lower the CG for more distance while enhancing feel and sound in conjunction with a multi-material badge. A more rounded lead edge ensures smooth turf interaction for clean strikes and MicroMax grooves produce consistent performance from wet and dry grass. The Technology-Multi-material, five-piece construction in tour-style design delivers consistent, predictable distance with an elevated impact… [Continue Reading “Pre-Order PING i230 Irons and PING iCrossover”]

Price Drop on PING G425 and PING G410 Line

That’s Right! There’s a price drop on PING G425 and PING G410 line of clubs! PING G425 Driver Family The primary model is named MAX as it elevates the MOI to PING’s highest level in history. The smaller LST model reduces spin, and the SFT provides right-to-left shot bend for golfers with a right-miss tendency. Tungsten back weights that vary by model shift the CG to fit your desired ball flight. PING G425 Fairway Woods and Hybrids Across three G425 Fairway Wood models – MAX, LST, SFT – shared PING innovations known as Facewrap™ and Spinsistency™ combine to deliver more… [Continue Reading “Price Drop on PING G425 and PING G410 Line”]

PING i525 Iron Technology: Explained

Is This The Best Players Distance Iron? Players-Distance irons have established themselves as a substantial segment of the iron market. In addition, we have them available online for you. These irons are designed under the promise of delivering the precision and feel of a blade, while simultaneously offering improved distance and forgiveness. PING established themselves as a strong player in this segment with their previous i500 irons. However, with the release of the i525 irons, PING looks to definitively create the best players-distance iron available. Forged, Maraging Steel Face The main advancement of the PING i525 is the Forged, Maraging… [Continue Reading “PING i525 Iron Technology: Explained”]

Introducing Ping i525 Irons Now Available for Pre-Order

A powerful new design engineered with a forged, maraging-steel face significantly increases speed and distance while providing a pleasing feel and sound. All packaged in a compact, players-style model perimeter weighted to elevate forgiveness and deliver long, towering shots that hit and hold the green. Forged, Maraging Steel Face The strength of the variable-thickness, maraging steel allows for a thinner, more dynamic face structure with an internal sole undercut in the 17-4 stainless steel body to increase flexing to launch shots faster and higher with predictability.  Extreme Weighting Tungsten toe and shaft tip weights combine with a tiered, dynamic face… [Continue Reading “Introducing Ping i525 Irons Now Available for Pre-Order”]

New Low Prices On Ping G400

New Low Prices on the Ping G400 Lineup of Clubs PING G400 DriverWas $299.99 |New Price – $249.99 The G400 drivers’ streamlined shape offers a big advancement in aerodynamics and stability. The multi-material design combines reduced drag and a thinner, stronger, faster T9S+ forged face to increase speed and distance. With a combined MOI over 9,000 and a deep CG, improved accuracy leads to tighter dispersion. SHOP G400 Driver PING G400 Fairway Woods Was $199.99 |New Price – $179.99 The G400 fairway woods’ ball speed and stopping power come from an innovative maraging steel face that flexes 30% more, making them… [Continue Reading “New Low Prices On Ping G400”]

PING Introduces G710 Irons

Pre-Order the New Ping G710 Irons today! PING’s longest, most forgiving iron is the product of a maraging steel face that combines with a stainless steel body to create metal-wood like flexing, faster ball speeds, added distance and higher shots with stopping power. Feel and sound are greatly enhanced, as well. Features: 5% higher MOI Maraging Steel Face for faster ball speeds Stealth, Hydropearl Finish Arccos Smart Grip Pre-Order Now Available. Expecting to Ship February 20, 2020.… [Continue Reading “PING Introduces G710 Irons”]