How to Order Ping Single Iron Replacement Clubs

A Golfer’s Lifeline for Lost, Missing, or Incomplete Sets

Golf is not just a sport; it’s a journey with your cherished set of clubs. But what happens when one of those clubs goes missing or you find your set incomplete? Enter, a beacon for golfers seeking to fill the gaps in their PING club sets. Whether you’re missing an old G400, G30, G, GMAX, or many other models from PING’s rich history, there’s a unique solution waiting for you. Not every model is available (Eye 2’s for example are not available), but a good majority of PING’s models are free to do individual club fill-ins to complete that set.

The Unique PING Solution: Serial Number Magic

What sets PING apart in the realm of golf equipment is its unparalleled service of offering single iron replacements. PING is the sole vendor in the industry that provides this distinctive service, and it’s not just for their latest models. Impressively, this service extends back across decades of PING’s designs. The process is simple yet brilliant. Each PING club set comes with a unique serial number. That serial number can be found on the backside of the hosel on the head of the golf club. When you’re looking to replace a single iron, all you need to do is provide this serial number to Using this number, PING can recreate a club that will either match exactly or very closely resemble the balance of your set. This means your new club will seamlessly blend with your set, maintaining the consistency of your game. That club will be built at PING’s state-of-the-art factory and is usually shipped within a couple weeks- occasionally a little longer when in-season.

Navigating the Process with Ease makes this process a breeze. Their website is user-friendly, guiding you through the steps needed to order your replacement iron. If you find yourself with any questions or need assistance, our customer service team is just a call away at 888.988.FORE. They are known for their helpful and knowledgeable support, ensuring that your experience is as smooth as your swing on the golf course. For golfers, the continuity and feel of their clubs are crucial. PING’s ability to provide replacements for many of their classic models ensures that your set remains consistent, no matter the age. This service not only honors the quality and longevity of PING’s craftsmanship but also shows a deep understanding of a golfer’s attachment to their clubs.

Wrapping Up

In a world where fast consumerism often leads to the idea of ‘replace rather than repair,’ PING and stand out by offering a sustainable and personalized option. This service not only saves you the cost and time of searching for a new set but also preserves the familiarity and performance of your existing clubs. So, whether it’s an accidental loss, a desire to complete an inherited set, or just filling in a missing piece,, in partnership with PING, offers a unique and invaluable service to golfers. It’s more than just replacing a club; it’s about keeping the legacy and love for your golf set alive.  For more information or to find your replacement golf club, visit our website HERE to find more information.

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