Full set of PING i230 Irons

How to Order Ping Single Iron Replacement Clubs

Do you just need to replace a single PING Iron? In this blog we will show you how easy it is to order Ping single iron replacement clubs.

Visit MortonGolfSales.com: our website specializes in providing solutions for golfers looking to replace single PING irons.

Determine which PING club from your set needs replacement, whether due to loss, damage, or the desire to complete an existing set.

Check Model Availability: Confirm if the specific PING model you require is available for individual club replacement, as not all models may be offered.

Locate the Serial Number: Find the unique serial number on the backside of the hosel on the head of your existing PING club. This number is essential for the replacement process.

Submit Serial Number: Provide the serial number to MortonGolfSales.com when placing your order. This enables PING to recreate a replacement club that closely matches the balance of your set.

Benefit from PING’s Service: Take advantage of PING’s exclusive service, which spans decades of club designs. The replacement club will be built in PING’s advanced factory.

Shipping and Timing: Expect your new PING single iron replacement to be shipped within a couple of weeks, although occasionally it may take longer, especially during peak golfing seasons.

User-Friendly Website: Utilize the easy-to-navigate MortonGolfSales.com website, to guide you through the steps required to order your replacement iron.

Customer Service Support: If you encounter any issues or have questions during the process, contact the customer service team at 888.988.FORE for assistance. The team is known for being helpful and knowledgeable.

PING and MortonGolfSales.com offer a sustainable and personalized approach, which goes beyond just replacing a club. It’s about preserving the legacy and love for your golf set.

Visit the MortonGolfSales.com website to order your replacement golf club.

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