How to Prevent Soreness After Golf

Its a terrible feeling waking up the day after a round of golf with aches and pains. Muscle soreness and stiffness can be incredibly uncomfortable and painful. While we are not doctors, we have compiled a list of ways to hopefully mitigate your muscle pain.

Drink Water

This tip is first and foremost. Firstly, preparation for this one begins a couple of days before you play. It’s good to drink lots of water all of the time. However, it is especially important to be well hydrated the days leading up to a golf round. It is not enough to drink water the morning of. This is especially true if its hot out. Staying well hydrated will assist in muscle recovery and stiffness.

Stretch Your Body Beforehand

Before you even touch a golf club it can beneficial to do some dynamic and static stretches. Stretching can prevent injury while playing golf, but also helps reduce the recovery time after you play. Arrive before your tee time a little earlier. Head to the driving range and get some basic stretches. Make sure to stretch your legs, arms, and chest.

Warm Up With Some Practice Shots

Like stretching, warming up limits your risk of injury and your recovery time. After stretching, head to the range and hit some balls. This is also a good time to dial in your swing for the day. This way, you’re not teeing off the first tee box with cold muscles.

Take a Cold Bath or Shower Once You Get Home

A cold bath or shower is an excellent method to stave off those aches. There’s a reason it is so popular with professional athletes. Be sure to give a try after your next golf round

Massage Those Troublesome Areas

Think of it like stretching, but after you play. Often it can be good to massage muscles before they become stiff. You can use your own hands, a professional, or one of the many massaging tools that exist today.

Apply Something Hot

Heat also can be extremely beneficial for preventing muscle soreness. Heat pads can be used to hinder muscle tightening. You can utilize this method before or after you start to feel tight.

Do a Recovery Workout

Recovery workouts are not as hard as they sound. There are plenty of resources available online to make this easy. Doing some light exercises afterward or some yoga can greatly reduce muscle pain and soreness.

These are just some quick recommendations to aid in your post-game recovery. If you have any ideas of your own be sure to comment down below. Let us know what you’ve tried and what works for you.

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