How to Creatively Use a Tee to Hit the Ball Straighter!

One of the most common issues that golfers have is creating a hook or slice as a result of an open or closed clubface, so in this video, we teach you a simple drill that you can do with a tee to train yourself to keep that clubface square.

For this drill, all you need is a golf club, a glove, and a tee.

What you do is put your golf glove on, stick the tee right in the little spot where the velcro meets at the top, and it should hold the tee in place face straight out away from your hand.

Now when you set up with the clubface nice and square this tee should be pointed right at your target.

The biggest misses happen when you are swinging and this club comes through and it’s open or closed, however, having the tee like this will actually show you if you are closing or opening the face by facing away from your target.

If the tee goes toward you (right if you are left-handed, left if you are right-handed) then you are closing the clubface and if it goes the opposite direction then you are opening the clubface.

To make this drill even more effective, try laying down some alignment sticks like railroad tracks, nice and square to the target line, that way you have a visual of lining up your clubface as well.

Now, when I make a swing I can really visually see that tee has a direct connection to my clubface so if you can get the tee back to the target at impact you will have a square clubface.

That is the tee in the glove drill that will help keep that clubface square at impact. All you need is your glove, a tee, and then just start swinging that golf club and really trying to get that tee back to square at impact.

We hope this helps from you keeping it open! If you would like to schedule a lesson with Calvin, just call the golf concierge at 916-808-2531!

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