Can Golf Help You Lose Weight?

Golf is considered by many to be a leisurely activity. It often appears to be an easy stroll on a relaxing morning. However, contrary to this prevalent perception, the sport has HUGE health benefits.  The health benefits of golf vary depending on how you play. Riding in a cart will obviously burn fewer calories than walking and carrying your clubs. The Golf Newsnet estimates golfers that walk 18-holes, can expect to burn 1,100 – 3,000 calories! This large number is attributed to the fact that players are walking around 5 miles of rolling terrain while carrying 20 – 30 pounds… [Continue Reading “Can Golf Help You Lose Weight?”]

8 Steps to Secure Your Golf Clubs for Travel

A set of quality golf clubs is not an insignificant investment. Traveling with your golf clubs on a flight can be immensely stressful. We have all seen the unparalleled destruction that TSA and baggage handlers can impart on a piece of checked luggage. We curated this list of helpful traveling suggestions for your next golfing excursion. Use Headcovers The first step in protecting your clubs is a basic one. Start by simply putting the headcovers back on your clubs. You do not need to purchase iron headcovers unless your local airport regularly backs 737’s over your luggage. Your irons and wedges… [Continue Reading “8 Steps to Secure Your Golf Clubs for Travel”]