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Golf Travel: A Golfer’s Guide to Stress-Free Air Travel with Clubs

Mastering the Fairways and the Flight Paths – Your Comprehensive Guide to Golf Travel Perfection

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When it comes to Golf Travel, there are some tips and tricks to ensure a stress-free travel day. In this guide, we’ll cover the debate between renting clubs and traveling with your own. If you do choose to bring your clubs, how will you keep them safe while traveling? Including a few tips and tricks to ensure a stress-free travel day to your next golf haven.

Rent or Bring: The Golf Club Dilemma

Renting high-end clubs can cost $50 or more per round. Traveling golfers may find it financially sensible to just invest in a travel case for their own clubs, especially when playing multiple rounds or golf course during their trip. While yes, checking in clubs invites baggage fees and time at the baggage claim, club rental fees can easily add up. Is it worth the investment in your happiness to bring your own clubs? Yes, because rental clubs are generally outdated, worn out, and mismatched, they’re a far cry from the tailored feel of a custom set, leading to a one-size-fits-all discomfort.

This is why booking with the hope of rental clubs being available is a gamble. Courses often neglect regularly updating their rental sets, resulting in a lack of quality and variety. For invested golfers, the idea of playing with subpar equipment can be extremally frustrating, especially for golfers with custom fitted set. Subtle differences may not bother others who usually only buy and use stock clubs, but for a steady-handed golfer, it can impact the joy of the game.

Therefore if you’ve invested in a tailored set, bring your clubs on your next trip. It ensures a familiar experience, and eliminates variables that could impact performance. Your investment in your on-course happiness is worth the airport hassle. Afterall, a golfer’s game is a personal journey with clubs as trusted companions.

Protect Your Golf Clubs: Choosing the Ideal Travel Bag

Your golf clubs are not just equipment; they’re an investment. Traveling with definitely demands more attention than a standard suitcase can offer. Airlines do not always handle luggage delicately, which is why a quality golf travel bag essential. Now, that you have decided to bring your own clubs over renting, let’s get into the next decision: finding the perfect travel bag. Finding the perfect golf travel bag for your needs helps to keep your clubs safe, so you can travel as far as your heart takes you with peace of mind. Below is a list of a few great travel bags to fit every need.

Subtle Patriot Tier 1 Travel Cover $279.99


  • 6-wheel stand up or pull behind, hybrid rolling system
  • Collapses down to approximately ½ size for storage
  • Adjusts to fit from staff bag to pencil bag
  • Front shoe sack fits up to size 18
  • Molded, hat hutch stores 6 hats in a hard case
  • 5 strategically designed grab handles
  • 2 internal compression straps for smaller bag security
  • Easy grab trunk removal handle
  • Custom, antique silver rivets, zippers and pullers
  • Available in Colors:
    • Musket Gray
    • Patriot Camo

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Journey Golf Travel Bags $289.99


  • Leg mechanism is extended and retracted in one easy motion
  • No more kneeling on the ground to load/unload your golf bag
  • Heavy-duty two-way zippers run the full length of the bag for easy loading
  • Internal cinch straps secure your golf bag
  • Pivoting caster wheels provide superior maneuverability
  • Legs retract into the molded tray for travel
  • Folds for storage
  • Available in Colors:
    • Black
    • Black/Gunmetal

Bag Boy Golf T-10 Travel Covers $199.99


  • Crush-resistant ABS top for maximum club protection
  • Larger, premium in-line skate wheels
  • All-weather 600D polyester fabric body stores inside hard top for compact storage
  • Main handle integrated into bag top
  • StandGuard™ A uniquely designed internal high density foam padding to protect the stand bag mechanism while traveling
  • Lockable, full wrap-around zipper simplifies access and packing
  • Heavy duty anti-burst strap
  • Two external oversized pockets
  • Two internal organization mesh pockets
  • Durable, skid-resistant ABS base
  • Internal compression strap stabilizes bag during travel
  • Oversized shoe/garment pocket
  • Available in Colors:
    • Black/Charcoal
    • Black/Red
    • Black/Royal

SKB Deluxe Standard ATA Hard Case Travel Covers – 4814W $314.99


  • Contoured to fit cart bags, carry bags, and drivers up to 48″.
  • New patent-pending industrial strength latches for superior valance closure and overall latched security.
  • TSA Locking System for ease of airline travel.
  • SKB’s exclusive Perfect-Match valance bending system, providing tight, secure fits to prevent dirt, dust and moisture from getting inside the case.
  • SKB’s Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.
  • SKB’s $1,500 Club Coverage.
  • Interior Dimensions: 48.00″ L x 14.00″ W x 11.00″ D

A variety of soft bag options at mortogolfsales.com, providing easy fold-down storage convenience. Don’t overlook the importance of safeguarding your clubs during travel. This is why you should also consider adding a Bag Boy Golf Backbone Travel Cover Support System to your list. This system is designed to shield your clubs from impact, ensuring a worry-free journey for your golf gear.

Bag Boy Golf Backbone Travel Cover Support System $399.99

Travel cover support system designed to protect your clubs from impact while transporting them in your Bag Boy travel cover


  • Three telescoping sections easily collapse and expand for preferred protection length, adjusts up to 54 inches and collapses to 23.25 inches for compact storage
  • Oversize and durable polypropylene top cap for maximum club protection
  • Lightweight aluminum tubing won’t add weight to your travel bag
  • Push button to easily adjust length up to 54 inches
  • Precision lock spring loaded adjustment
  • Rubber foot cap on the bottom

Packing Tips for Golf Travel

Now that you have your travel bag selected, and equipped to safeguard your beloved golf clubs, let’s delve into essential tips and tricks. Everyone likes to smoothly maneuver through the airport and arrive at their destination stress-free. From smart airport navigation to securing your valuables, we’ve got you covered. So, buckle up (or in the golfing world, tee up), as we guide you through the ins and outs of hassle-free airport experiences for a seamless journey.

Airport Navigation and Identification: Label your bag with bright-colored markings, business cards, and contact information for smooth Golf Travel. Golf bags are considered “oversized check-in,” so be aware of airport procedures during your Golf Travel. Consider using a cab or car service to avoid long walks with a large bag on your Golf Travel.

Electronics and Additional Storage: Avoid leaving expensive electronics in your golf bag during Golf Travel. Consider using the travel bag for extra storage, especially if you plan to bring back gifts from your Golf Travel. If uneasy about flying with your equipment, explore shipping services for peace of mind during Golf Travel.

Airline Mishaps: Airlines misplace bags regularly. Airtag your bag in multiple places to track it for peace of mind during your Golf Travel in case of mishaps during your flight or vacation.

Securing Valuables: Keep expensive golf gear like rangefinders and GPS devices in your carry-on bag to prevent damage or loss during Golf Travel. Remember to comply with security procedures during your Golf Travel.

How to Pack Your Golf Clubs: Choose between soft and hard travel bags based on personal preference for your Golf Travel. Wrap clubs in bubble wrap, tape shafts together, and consider a “stiff arm” for soft bags during Golf Travel. Triple tag your bag and ensure it’s securely zipped before heading to the airport for your Golf Travel.

Swing into Stress-Free Golf Travels

There you have it, a guide to flying high with your golf gear. Pack smart, choose the right bag, and decide whether your clubs are coming along for the ride or enjoying a vacation of their own. Remember, golf is all about fun, so embrace the adventure, enjoy the journey, and may your swings be as sweet as a hole-in-one! Happy travels and even happier golfing.

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