Types Of Foods Golfers MUST Eat For Better Performance

Whether you are a health guru or just like to eat, snacks can be an important part of any golfing regimen.

Golf like any strenuous activity burns a lot of calories. Therefore, it is best for your health and your performance to replenish that lost energy. What kind of foods should you eat to get your calories? Here is a short list of recommendations!


Protein is an excellent nutrient. It helps your muscles rebuild after they breakdown from exercise. Modern science shows getting protein rapidly increases muscle growth. Protein reduces appetite and hunger levels while also increasing fat burning. Protein achieves all of this without inherently containing a ton of calories! We recommend making sure protein is in any snack you bring out on the course!


Carbs or carbohydrates certainly have gotten a bad reputation lately. I am sure you have heard of people trying to “cut carbs” or try a “keto” diet. That is because carbs are sugar. Sugar obviously is usually not the best. Sugar is bad energy for the most part because your body will burn through it too quickly (called a “sugar rush”). Carbs are interesting because it is a sugar that still needs to be processed. The human body cannot immediately burn carbs. It must slowly break them down. This makes carbs an excellent snack before or at the beginning of a golf match. While you play, your body will slowly break down the carbohydrates and provide energy throughout the day for you.


Like we stated above, sugar provides very short-term energy. It can give you that extra boost to finish a hole, but it is unlikely to last through the whole back nine. Therefore, we would probably recommend eating sugar in moderation.


I do not know really what to say. It is not a food, but it is vital out on the course. DRINK WATER! It is almost certainly the most important thing you can do out on the course!

Recommended Foods

1. Granola Bars (These provide an excellent source of fiber, protein, and sometimes carbs)

2. Fruits (These provide carbs, fiber, and often sugar)

3. Trail Mix (These provide protein, fiber, and carbs)

4. Beef Jerky (Provides protein with almost no carbs)

5. Greek Yogurt (High protein and probiotics for gut health)

6. Peanut Butter Sandwich (Peanut butter is packed with protein and nutrients)

7. Bagels (Provides high carbs)

8. Salami and Dried Sausage (High protein without many calories)

9. Eggs (Anything with eggs will give lots of protein and long-term energy)

10. Pasta (Pasta beforehand can provide carbs for long term energy)

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