Add a Custom Sound Slot to Your PING Putter With This Special Program!

Through a program called PING WRX, Morton Golf is able to offer incredible customization options for customers that are buying PING Putters, one of which is creating a sound slot on your new putter.

This is a slot that they cut through the sole of the putter that goes all the way from heel to toe and is often associated with a more crisp sound and better feel.

In golf, many people associate feel with sound and in this case, a sound slot creates a louder click on the club and makes it feel like that of a harder face or heavier metal.

Doing this takes about 10 grams of weight out of the face of the putter and you can do it on any blade style putter.

All you have to do to add this to your order is:

  1. Have your putter of choice in your cart.
  2. Search “PING Wrx” in the search bar.
  3. Select the sound slot option.
  4. Enter any required information.
  5. Add it to your card and you are on your way!

Some companies call this feature a floating face or beaching, but PING uses sound slot as their terminology so make sure you look for that.

If you want to see what PING putters we have available you can here and if you want to add the custom sound slot option to your order you can here.

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