How To Master The Pimento Cheese Sandwich

First things first: what is a pimento cheese sandwich? If you’ve ever gone to a golf tournament, chances are there was a pimento cheese sandwich listed on the menu in the restaurant. The pimento cheese sandwich is a mainstay for both players and spectators because of its legacy, tracing back to one of golf’s biggest tournaments. The Masters Tournament, one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world, held annually at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, is particularly famous for its pimento cheese sandwiches. The club has been serving these sandwiches to its patrons since the 1930s, and… [Continue Reading “How To Master The Pimento Cheese Sandwich”]

18 Holes In Golf: Fact Vs. Myth

Expect 18 Holes The golf hole standard is changing. For so long, we have expected 18 holes in golf. Yes, some courses have stepped outside of the box. The Family Fore course in Vermont keeps it short and sweet with 4 holes. The Parkersburg Country Club in Vienna, West Virginia, has twenty-one holes. However, more often than not, most golf courses will be 18 holes. You may wonder how this came to be. A legend involves whiskey and an ancient Irish pub, but how true this story depends on your proclivity to imagine. Was Whiskey Really Involved? Here are the… [Continue Reading “18 Holes In Golf: Fact Vs. Myth”]

6 Super Fun Golf Games You Can Play On Your Phone

Having the right games on your mobile device is a great way to enjoy the game you love when you can’t be at the Golf Course. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top-rated golf games you can play on your cell phone or tablet on select games. In this list, you’ll be able to see screenshots of what it looks like to play these exciting games and find out more about the overall playing experience. WGT Golf World Golf Tour is the most realistic free online golf game, loved by more than 15 million players across the globe.… [Continue Reading “6 Super Fun Golf Games You Can Play On Your Phone”]

Who is the Average Golfer?

Golf companies spend a lot of time creating products for the “average” golfer, but have you ever wondered who that golfer is? How old are they? Have you ever wondered how much money that average golfer makes? How often do they play golf? We are going to dive in and bring you the facts and figures to reveal the “average” golfer – how close do you measure up? How old is the average golfer? It may not surprise you that golf is predominantely composed of men and that there are more senior players than younger ones. The average age for… [Continue Reading “Who is the Average Golfer?”]

10 Reasons Why You Can Enjoy Golf During a Pandemic

Golf is considered “moderately low” risk by health officials with a risk level of 3 out of 10 which puts it on the same level of grocery shopping and going for a walk, run or bike ride with others. The only physical activities that are considered safer are playing tennis or going camping. In the age of COVID-19, if you know your risk, you can play it safe and stay on the links. We’ve compiled a list of 10 Reasons Why You Should Enjoy Golf During a Pandemic Better Sleep The combination of exercise and fresh air is the perfect… [Continue Reading “10 Reasons Why You Can Enjoy Golf During a Pandemic”]

4 of the Best Celebrity Golfers

There are plenty of famous golfers. However, who is famous AND plays golf? Today we will take a look at 5 celebrities who also are excellent golfers. I’ll admit that it is a bit discouraging that these people are so incredibly talented AND better than me at golf. I wish they just picked one thing to be good at! Samuel L. Jackson First on our list is Samuel L. Jackson. Famous for his roles in over 150 films, it may seem hard to imagine that he has time to hit the links, yet he does. Even in his 70’s, Samuel… [Continue Reading “4 of the Best Celebrity Golfers”]

Biggest Golf YouTubers

With over 4 billion videos viewed per day, the age of YouTube is definitely upon us. Golfers disagree whether YouTube is positive or negative for the sport. Either way, some golf-related YouTube channels have taken off. Today we will take a look at the biggest golf channels on YouTube Rick Shiels Golf One of the largest golf YouTubers, Rick Shiels Golf primarily tests interesting golf equipment. While he has some educational videos, the appeal to Rick Shiels’ channel is their interesting and fun nature. Currently, the channel sits at over 630,000 subscribers, which is massive for a golf YouTube channel.… [Continue Reading “Biggest Golf YouTubers”]

5 Strangest Things People Bring to the Golf Course

If you emptied out your golf bag you’d probably find some interesting things that you forgot you had. All those pockets seem to accumulate stuff and no one cleans out their bags as often as they should. We polled golfers in our area. Here is a list of the top 5 strangest things people kept or found in their bag. 5: Pacifier At first thought, bringing a pacifier with you to the golf course may seem pretty weird. However, any parent knows that there’s gonna be a time when you need a pacifier and don’t have one. Maybe this golfer… [Continue Reading “5 Strangest Things People Bring to the Golf Course”]

World’s Biggest Golf Course

Have you ever played a course that felt incredibly long? Long courses can be grueling by the end, especially if you’re walking. However, there is one course that truly stands above the rest in terms of length. Nullarbor Links in Australia s an 18-hole course that stretches over 825 MILES. Constructed along the Eyre Highway, this golf course is by far the longest in the world. The average distance between each hole is 41 miles. Let’s just say, walking the course isn’t really an option. You probably can’t even drive the course on a single tank of gas in your… [Continue Reading “World’s Biggest Golf Course”]

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Don’t miss a single deal when you sign up for our exclusive December Daily Deals email list coming to your inbox December 1. When you sign up for our daily deal email, you will receive an email each day from December 1-December 24 with an exclusive offer delivered right to your inbox. Every day will offer a new deal… including buy one, get one free, promo codes and more! If you want early access to our daily discounts, then sign up for the December Daily Deals email. (Please note that you will only receive our December Daily Deals if you… [Continue Reading “Sign Up for December’s Daily Deals”]