World’s Biggest Golf Course

Have you ever played a course that felt incredibly long? Long courses can be grueling by the end, especially if you’re walking. However, there is one course that truly stands above the rest in terms of length. Nullarbor Links in Australia s an 18-hole course that stretches over 825 MILES.

Constructed along the Eyre Highway, this golf course is by far the longest in the world. The average distance between each hole is 41 miles. Let’s just say, walking the course isn’t really an option. You probably can’t even drive the course on a single tank of gas in your vehicle.

Each hole has artificial grass for the greens and for the tee boxes. The fairways are simply the natural desert ground. Therefore, golfers are told to always tee their balls off the fairways.

Nullarbor Links is truly a magnificent golf course. If you ever find yourself with a couple of extra days in Southern Australia, then be sure to check out this extraordinary golf course. To learn more check HERE.

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