5 Strangest Things People Bring to the Golf Course

If you emptied out your golf bag you’d probably find some interesting things that you forgot you had. All those pockets seem to accumulate stuff and no one cleans out their bags as often as they should. We polled golfers in our area. Here is a list of the top 5 strangest things people kept or found in their bag.

5: Pacifier

At first thought, bringing a pacifier with you to the golf course may seem pretty weird. However, any parent knows that there’s gonna be a time when you need a pacifier and don’t have one. Maybe this golfer has vowed to never be caught without a pacifier again and stored them in every available pocket in their life. Another explanation is maybe its a prop for some friendly golf heckling. You could offer fellow golfers a pacifier when they whine or complain like babies. Regardless, a pacifier is something that I can say has never been in my golf bag before.

4: Vintage Golf Ball

I’ve carried my fair share of strange things in my golf bag for good luck. However, I can say for certain that I have never carried a vintage golf ball in my bag. One of the golfers we polled did though. Perhaps he or she was trying to channel the ability of past golfers? This is definitely one of the strangest things we have heard about golfers carrying in their bags.

3: Rubber Snake

Let me just say that this one is GENIUS. As a lover for golf gags, pranks, and jokes this rubber snake has so much potential. Tease your fellow golfers and have a laugh on the course using a rubber snake. I’m sure whoever decided to start keeping a rubber snake is definitely a fun person. Although definitely a strange object, this may be something I’ll need to start keeping in my own golf bag.

2: Fireball

This may or may not be strange depending on who you ask. However, a full bottle of Fireball does seem a bit excessive to put into your golf bag. Well, whatever gets you through the day I guess. We won’t judge. Hopefully, whoever is packing this isn’t drinking to relieve their golfing frustrations. Maybe bringing Fireball is to make friends. Anyways let us know if this is something you’d keep in your golf bag.

1: Dried Up Dead Snake

Well, this is the number one strangest thing for a reason. Why would someone carry around a dried up dead snake? I have no idea. However, I assure you, someone, admitted to us they did during our poll. If you have any idea why someone would do this then let us know in the comments below.

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