Biggest Golf YouTubers

With over 4 billion videos viewed per day, the age of YouTube is definitely upon us. Golfers disagree whether YouTube is positive or negative for the sport. Either way, some golf-related YouTube channels have taken off. Today we will take a look at the biggest golf channels on YouTube

Rick Shiels Golf

One of the largest golf YouTubers, Rick Shiels Golf primarily tests interesting golf equipment. While he has some educational videos, the appeal to Rick Shiels’ channel is their interesting and fun nature. Currently, the channel sits at over 630,000 subscribers, which is massive for a golf YouTube channel. If you’re interested in light-hearted golf content then be sure to check this channel out!

PGA Tour

The PGA Tour has an official golf channel. This can be a great place to watch recaps, highlights, and interviews. The content is incredibly high quality and on par with what you’d expect from the PGA Tour. The channel currently has over 460,000 subscribers. Like I said before, the content is centered around the PGA Tour itself and is a great place to go if you love watching the game of golf!


This channel centers around educational and instructional videos to help golfers improve their game. Videos range from “5 Common Mistakes” to “3 Drills to Transform Your Game”. The channel currently sits at around 600,000 subscribers. If you need help finding drills or are just looking for some knowledge on how to improve your golf game then be sure to check this channel out!

Other YouTubers

There are many other YouTubers, some with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Let us know in the comments below who your favorite golf-related YouTuber is?

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