4 of the Best Celebrity Golfers

There are plenty of famous golfers. However, who is famous AND plays golf? Today we will take a look at 5 celebrities who also are excellent golfers. I’ll admit that it is a bit discouraging that these people are so incredibly talented AND better than me at golf. I wish they just picked one thing to be good at!

Samuel L. Jackson

First on our list is Samuel L. Jackson. Famous for his roles in over 150 films, it may seem hard to imagine that he has time to hit the links, yet he does. Even in his 70’s, Samuel L Jackson continues golf religiously. Supposedly he even has an “option to go golfing twice a week written into all of his film contracts,”. That is a lot of love for the sport!

Lucas Black

The star of NCIS: New Orleans and The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift also is a star out on the golf course. In 2013, the actor even turned pro and played on the NGA Pro Golf Tour. It also means that his performance as a golfer in ‘Seven Days in Utopia’ was not entirely fictional. While his PGA Tour dreams seem to have fallen flat, Lucas Black is definitely still a very capable golfer.

Justin Timberlake

This music superstar has already diversified his impressive career. He is now also an accomplished actor. Despite all his success, Justin Timberlake hasn’t stopped there. He is an accomplished golfer too. At the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, Justin Timberlake shows off his golfing skills each year. He boasts a handicap in the single digits. This is probably because he has been golfing all his life.

Mark Wahlberg

It’s no secret that this Boston native loves sports. He can constantly be found watching professional sports games and even interacting with the players. However, he has a true love for golf. Supposedly, he runs while playing golf and can finish 18-holes in a little over an hour. He has also created his own practice holes in his backyard.

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