Simple Golf Drill Helps You Perfect Your Chipping

This drill is used to help you perfect your chipping technique and hit the ball straight and up every time by keeping the clubface at the correct angle and hitting it straight and up in the air toward your target.

To perform this drill what you do is place the tee in the slit at the top of the velcro portion of your glove so that it is sticking straight out.

Then you use the tee to keep the back of hand square to the target to hit it right down the line and use the loft of the club effectively to get the golf ball to launch upwards.

In this drill you go through your usual swing, however, at the end of the shot, you hold your hand in the end position to see where the tee is pointing.

What you want is for the tee to pointing toward your target.

Often, people have too much hand and wrist turning when instead you should be keeping the clubface square and having a simple stoke, which is what this drill helps with.

If you are twisting or turning then you will notice that the tee is way off target and that is when you know that you need to correct your swing.

If you want to learn more about this drill you can see it all in action in the video above and if you would like to see more videos like this then make sure you subscribe to the Morton Golf Sales YouTube Channel here.

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