How to Order PING Replacement Clubs

Today we want to talk to you about one of the greatest things that we can do here at Morton Golf Sales, Ping Iron Replacements!

Going back about 30 years PING has a record of all of the golf clubs that they’ve ever sold and have the ability to recreate up to two clubs that have been lost over time. So, if your dad or grandfather has given you an old set of PING irons and you’re missing one or two clubs you can have them replaced very economically and to the original factory settings.

Today we’re gonna tell you how to order these clubs and it’s super easy!

The first step is to go to, search “replacement” in the search bar and, BOOM, that will bring up all of the different PING irons that are available for replacement.

The second thing you’ll do is match your club model to that same listing and before you go into any of the listings you have to figure out if you have a steel or a graphite shaft and choose the appropriate listing.

The reason you have to differentiate them is that they’re different prices and we have different listings for the different clubs.

Here are a few tips to be able to tell the difference between graphite and steel shafts:

Steel Shafts

  • Have a shiny, chrome alloy look.
  • Have a small, shiny label down by the grip.
  • Have stepping along the body of the shaft that will be present on all shafts except for a handful of Brunswick shafts that were made over the years that were smooth.

Graphite Shafts

  • Tend to be more of a dull gray and are actually painted. This is the easiest way to tell.
  • Are also going to have some unique graphics near the grip that often look painted on the shaft.

The next question that it’s going to ask is if you have a left-handed or right-handed club.

You can determine which one it is by looking at which direction the clubface is pointing. A right-handed club faces left and a left-handed club faces right, a bit counter-intuitive, but this is the best way to tell.

Next, you will need to input what number the club is that you want to have replaced. This is going to be whichever club you do not have and that you are wanting a new one of. You can select up to two club options here.

Now we have the most important step in this whole process, the serial number.

PING places a serial number on all of its clubs so that we can get all of the specifics specs of your clubs and you can get the perfect replacement.

The serial number is placed on the back of the hosel of the club (which is the part right at the base of the shaft before the head.) They are a series of numbers and letters that are the unique identifier for your specific set of clubs. Every club in your set has the same serial number and this is how we are able to make sure that the new clubs you get matched exactly to your other clubs.

Some serial numbers are easier to see than others but if you get enough light on there you can read it. Serial numbers are typically easier to find on lighter finished clubs and depending on when your clubs were made they may also have been etched.

Those are the most important aspects of the process for ordering new replacement clubs. With the serial numbers, we can actually get the flex of the club and any additional custom options, but if you know the flex and want to add it you can put that in the notes section of the order, but you don’t have to.

If you want to find and specify the flex of the club, you can. The way to find out the flex of your club is by looking for a sticker near the grip and finding a letter on there. The letter you find will represent a different flex and they can be understood as follows:

  • A/SR = Senior
  • R = Regular
  • S = Stiff
  • X = Extra Stiff

However, with the serial number, you don’t need this at all, but if you want to add more information you can add it to the order at this point in time.

All we really need to know though is if it’s graphite or steel, what model it is, if it’s right or left-handed, which number you’re missing and the serial number. The rest of the stuff we’re asking for is just extra.

One additional thing you might want to put in the notes section is the grip. Since most people are changing out their grips at least once a year, after 20 or 30 years you probably don’t have the original grips on the club, so you probably do want to write what grip is currently on the clubs up now so we can match that up.

If you have questions, we have lots of customer service agents that can help! Simply give us a call at 888-988-FORE (3673) or you can email us at and we’ll get back to you.

There are not a lot of companies that are offering this, it’s a niche that Morton Golf sales takes great pride in making available for our customers. We know that a lot of people just have a lot of questions on how to place the order so we wanted to put together this quick guide to walk you through the process! I hope it was helpful.


  1. I need to replace my 8 and 9 irons my serial number is

    I need to replace my 8 and 9 irons. They are Ping 410 serial number A94W151.

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