World’s Cheapest Golf Set

Inflation doesn’t seem to ever halt. Golf equipment is getting more and more expensive. This makes golf have one of the largest barriers of entries of any sport out there. In order to combat this never-ending trend, we here at Haggin Oaks have researched and compiled the “World’s Cheapest” golf set that is currently available new from reputable online retailers. Shipping cost is not being factored in. DISCLAIMER we do not vouch for the quality or reliability of any of the products listed nor their suppliers. It also is definitely possible to create a cheaper and more reliable set if you are willing to buy used equipment. However, that is an article for another time.

Driver: White Pearl Driver – $9.99

The driver we selected for the cheapest golf set available is the White Pearl Driver by Feel Golf. For the low price of only $10 on eBay, we could get a brand new White Pearl Driver with a graphite stiff shaft. While obviously not packing the same punch as many modern drivers, this club is priced at less than 2% of the cost of a new Callaway Epic Flash Driver.

Fairway Wood: Bullet Golf U Metal Utility Wood – $9.99

While there were some other options on eBay, we selected the Bullet Golf 18-degree utility wood. Our goal was to find the cheapest new clubs you can buy and unlike similarly priced models available on eBay, this one was at released recently. Today it is available for only $10, on For what it’s worth, it looks nicer than the White Pearl Driver.

Hybrid and Irons: Dunlop Golf- Tour Elite Hybrid Irons – $69.99

A quality hybrid and iron set was surprisingly difficult to find at an ultra-budget price point. There are plenty of sales on left-handed and senior shafts but it was difficult tracking down this 3 through PW regular flex set. This one we found on as well and is priced at only $69. Again you won’t be setting any course records with this equipment but our aim is to get you out on the course for as little as possible.

Putter: PGM Golf Putter – $18.99

We ended up deciding upon an eBay putter priced at $18.99. While again there were some putters available for cheaper, most of them seemed like plastic toys and not actual clubs. This putter at least appears to be usable on the course. Though, it is hardly an heirloom to pass onto your children.

Golf Bag: eBay Sunday Bag – $20.99

Our selection of golf bag was equally difficult to track down. We decided upon a Sunday bag from eBay. The quality looks debatable, but hopefully, it will be enough to carry your clubs on and off the course. No cooled pockets or stands for this one though. Available for the low price of $20.99 it is definitely the cheapest option.

Our grand total is $129.99 before taxes and shipping. That sounds like an absolute steal at first, but once you factor in all the separate shipping and taxes the total shoots up to well north of $170. At that price, we really cannot recommend any of these options. Morton Golf Sales has legitimate complete box sets starting at only $199.99. Those sets are going to be higher quality than the components listed above and all be the same shaft flex. You also will not have to be juggling so many separate purchases. Finally, the golf bag that comes with the set is going to be drastically better than a simple Sunday bag. A box set just simply is the better option for starting players if you want to buy new equipment. If you are willing to purchase used clubs, then there may be some other options for you. Maybe we can cover that topic in another article.

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