15 Hilarious Golf Jokes

Up your humor-game on the golf course with these funny golf jokes. These won’t make you Rodney Dangerfield but it will get you close. Let us know what you think of these jokes and comment down below with any jokes of your own!

Question: “What do you call a lion playing golf?”
Answer: “Roarin’ Mcilroy”

Question: “Why do golfers carry two gloves?”
Answer: “In case they get a hole in one”

Question: “What did you get on your last hole?”
Answer: “Depressed”

Question: “What is the easiest way to hook a ball?”
Answer: “Try to slice it”

Question: “Why couldn’t Cinderella play golf?”
Answer: “Because she always runs away from the ball”

Question: “What did one golf ball say to another golf ball?”
Answer: “See you round”

Question: “Where do golfers go on their date?”
Answer: “The golf ball”

Question: “Why isn’t golf played in the jungle?”
Answer: “Because there are too many cheetahs”

Question: “Why couldn’t Tiger listen to music?”
Answer: “Because he broke all of the records”

Question: “Were you really under the whole day?”
Answer: “Yes…under a tree…under a bush…and under the water”

Question: “Why do golf courses get hot after tournaments?”
Answer: “Because all of the fans leave”

Question: “What’s the difference between a bad golfer and a bad skydiver?”
Answer: “Golfers go WACK…”Damn” and skydivers go “Damn”…WACK”

Question: “You think my golfing is improving?”
Answer: “Yes, you miss a lot closer now”

Question: “Why are computers so good at golf?”
Answer: “Because they have hard drives”

Question: “Why do golfers hate cake?”
Answer: “Because they always get slices”

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