Top 5 Coldest Golf Courses

It’s wintertime, so let’s take a look at some of the coldest golf courses anywhere. Our number one choice may surprise you. Be sure to let us know the coldest weather you’ve ever played golf in. Additionally, if you have any adjustments to our list then be sure to let us know as well!

5: Fairbanks Golf Course

Fairbanks Golf Course is located in Fairbanks, Alaska. Fairbanks is known for its exceptionally cold winters. Historically, the coldest Fairbanks has ever gotten is -64 degrees Fahrenheit (-54 Celsius). This is exceptionally cold. However, the golf course is only opened seasonally. Therefore, Fairbanks Golf Course cannot be crowned champion of the coldest golf course in the world.

4: Akureyri Golf Course

Officially the world’s most northerly 18-hole golf course, Akureyri Golf Course finds itself on our list. Due to the wind and current patterns, this region Iceland stays reasonably temperate. The January average temperature is only 29 degrees Fahrenheit (-1.5 Celsius). Obviously, this is not overly cold. However, its placement as the most northerly golf course in the world earns itself a spot on our list.

3: Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal in Siberia is not only the deepest lake in the world but it is also home to the Baikal Open Ice Golf Tournament. Each year, locals sculpt and carve-out a golf course on the icy surface of the frozen lake. Ice-golfers from around the world come to compete and play the course. In January the average temperature on the lake is -6 degrees Fahrenheit (-21 Celsius). The temperature of the water prohibits the area from reaching the truly low temperatures of the rest of Siberia.

2: Uummannaq, Greenland

Home to the World Ice Golf Tournament, Uummannaq, Greenland takes the number two spot on our list. This 9-hole course brings many golfers around the world to play every winter. Temperatures can reach as low -19 degrees Fahrenheit (-28 Celsius). Supposedly, golfers are informed watch out for hyperthermia before they tee off. If you’re a warm-weather person then maybe sit this course out. It gets seriously cold out there!

1: Moon

There is a reason this article is not titled “Coldest Golf Courses in the World”. This is obviously a bit of a stretch, but if you count the craters as greens and tee boxes then Alan Shepherd hit a 2.5-mile drive off the “1st hole” during the Apollo 14 mission. The temperature of the moon is more inhospitable than anywhere on Earth. The lunar surface can drop below -280 degrees Fahrenheit (-173 Celsius). This makes it the undisputed champion of this list.

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