Top 5 Coldest Golf Courses

It’s wintertime, so let’s take a look at some of the coldest golf courses anywhere. Our number one choice may surprise you. Be sure to let us know the coldest weather you’ve ever played golf in. Additionally, if you have any adjustments to our list then be sure to let us know as well! 5: Fairbanks Golf Course Fairbanks Golf Course is located in Fairbanks, Alaska. Fairbanks is known for its exceptionally cold winters. Historically, the coldest Fairbanks has ever gotten is -64 degrees Fahrenheit (-54 Celsius). This is exceptionally cold. However, the golf course is only opened seasonally. Therefore,… [Continue Reading “Top 5 Coldest Golf Courses”]

5 Exciting Golf Statistics

It’s no secret that golf took a major hit following the 2008 housing crash. However, since then things have changed significantly for the better. Today with the help of a National Golf Foundation report, we will take a look at 5 exciting golf trends. 1: Between 2011 and 2015, the number of non-golfers interested in golf rose from 26.5 million to 37.4 million. This fact is excellent for the golfing community. While interest in golf may have peaked with “Tiger Mania” in the mid to early 2000s, It is an excellent sign that interest is gaining again. This may be… [Continue Reading “5 Exciting Golf Statistics”]

What Golf Balls do the Pros Use: LPGA Edition

What balls are the LPGA Tour Professionals using out on tour? We have compiled a list of the top 20 ranked LPGA players and their golf balls (as of 2019) 1: Ko Jin-youngTitleist Pro V1 2: Minjee Lee Srixon Z Star 3: Park Sung-hyunTaylorMade TP5x 4: Lexi ThompsonBridgestone Tour B X 5: Jeongeun LeeTitleist Pro V1x 6: Ariya JutanugarnTitleist Pro V1x 7: Nasa HataokaSrixon Z-Star 8: Ryu So-yeonTitleist Pro V1 9: Brooke HendersonTitleist Pro V1 10: Inbee ParkTitleist Pro V1x 11: Kim Sei-youngTitleist Pro V1 12: Carlota CigandaTitleist Pro V1x 13: Nelly KordaTitleist Pro V1 14: Jessica KordaTitleist Pro V1… [Continue Reading “What Golf Balls do the Pros Use: LPGA Edition”]

10 Greatest Golf Movies

Summertime is quickly coming to a close. It’s time to celebrate and rewatch some of those classic golf movies. To help you decide which ones, we here at Haggin Oaks have compiled a list of the 10 greatest golf movies in no particular order Caddyshack – 1980 Easily in the top 10 comedies of all time. Directed by Harold Ramis, this classic follows Danny Noonan and his experience caddying at the Bushwood Country Club. No movie has been quoted more out on the golf course more than Caddyshack. If you’re looking for a nostalgic laugh this summer then there’s no… [Continue Reading “10 Greatest Golf Movies”]