PING 1A Putter Overview and How to Get One of Your Own!

The PING 1A putter is one of the most iconic putters in golf. This putter has been going strong for over 60 years and is still one of the fan favorites and was an inspiration for a whole new era of putters!

This classic putter is cast in manganese bronze for the soft, buttery feel on the green and a beautiful patina that developes over time.

The 1A also features a hallowed clubhead where the shaft inserts into the club, as well as sound slots on the bottom for a lighter clubhead and a more full, rich sound when you make contact with the ball.

This putter was one of the original designs by Karsten Solheim along with the Anser and Zing putters which are other models that had remained very popular.

However, unlike the Anser and Zing, the PING 1A has remained largely unchanged in its appearance and design all while maintaining its popularity.

This putter is still available, but can’t be found many places anymore, so if you would like to get one of your own, our store is one of the few places you can get one.

If you would like to get it you can here.

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