World’s Most Expensive Golf Set

We’ve all experienced sticker-shock browsing golf clubs before. Golf equipment seems to be getting more and more expensive each year. However, there are clubs that exist, which stand well above the others in cost. Therefore, we’ve accumulated a list of the most expensive golf clubs in the world. If you’re looking to impress your friends and don’t need to put a down payment on a house, then these clubs are for you.

We will start with our budget box set option. Box sets are often great value and allow entry players to get every club they need in a clean, matching the set. This set is no different. Honma celebrated their 60th anniversary with the release of their 5-Stars 60th Anniversary set. They generously include a driver, two fairways, a hybrid, seven irons, two wedges, a putter, and a leather golf bag. This set will only set you back $59,999.99 if you are even able to find someone to sell you one. This high price is due to the precision titanium construction and the gold and platinum plating. Likewise, these ones of a kind golf shafts are constructed out of a 10-axis carbon sheeting. There is no doubt, these are some of the fanciest looking clubs in golf. It is also a bargain compared to the set we pieced together. Because we chose the Honma 5-star as our box set, we have omitted other Honma clubs from our pieced together list.

Driver: For the driver, we have selected the Maruman Majesty Prestigio X Driver. This gold plated Japanese driver is a steal at just under $2,199.99. While not utilizing the bleeding edge of technology, this driver still is a show stopper by its beauty alone. It looks more like a piece of expensive jewelry than a tool.

Fairway Woods: Following behind the driver, we chose the Maruman Majesty Prestigio X Fairway Woods as well for this set. Not only will these perfectly match your gold plated driver, but it also features a titanium-tungsten face for added distance to your shots. Two of these will cost you over $2,999.99, so maybe hide this receipt from your wife.

Hybrid: The hybrid in this ultimate set will be the GIII Signature Utility. This Japanese club is gold plated like many of the others but is unique with its crown channel technology. Nevertheless, this club doesn’t even need much performance as it could win on style points alone. Although at an expensive price of $1,199.99 per club, it hopefully will take a stroke or two off your game as well.

Shafts: Obviously we will not be using the stock shafts that come with the clubs already mentioned. Instead, we have picked out the Seven Dreamers Custom Design Carbon shafts. Each shaft costs $2,399.99 so it will cost 11,999.99 to fit the five clubs we have already picked out. The cost of a set of iron shafts is $9,000. That price does not include the fitting cost, so keep that in mind.

Irons: The Titleist CNCPT CP-01 and CP-02 irons the newest state of the art clubs from Titleist. A set of seven clubs will set you back a cool $3,999.99. These futuristic hollow irons utilize an ultrathin face and a mysterious secret alloy never before used in the golf industry.

Wedges: Moving away from the gold plated luxury clubs, we picked out two PXG Darkness 0311T milled wedges. These wedges are part of a special collection PXG is doing inspired by the company’s founder, Bob Parsons. These two custom wedges are available for $1599.99 combined currently.

Putter: The crown jewel of this bag is the putter we have chosen. It is by far the most expensive item so far. At a price of $149,999.99 you better not accidentally leave it by the green. It is called the Barth and Sons’ GoldenPutter: First Lady Edition. Reviews on the club are scarce as I’m sure few of them are actually used. However, worst-case scenario you could recoup your money by selling all of the diamonds, gold, and platinum that are used on the putter.

Golf Bag: Now that we have picked out all of the golf clubs, the last thing we need to complete our set is a golf bag. For this, we chose the Barchi Empire Black Golf Bag. These handcrafted Italian bags are currently listed for $56,999.99. It is made from 100% crocodile skin and carbon fiber. It is a definite showstopper even if it is not your particular style. They even throw in five matching head covers for that price. Unfortunately, the shipping cost is not included.

All in all, our most expensive set comes in at $255,000.00, not including taxes or shipping. You also might want to insure this set when it arrives as well. This also means it is the same price as a Ferrari 488 supercar, which then creates an interesting dilemma. Do you want to spend your weekends on the golf course or the race track? If it was my money, I think I would just get both.

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