Perfect Your Putting With This Simple Drill

One of the biggest problems that plague golfers is inconsistency with their putting and they often don’t realize the thing that is most likely causing them issues, the alignment of their putts.

Many golfers are missing putts because the face of their putter actually isn’t square which causing them to miss-hit and that is exactly what this drill is made to correct.

This drill, using two golf balls and your putter, is designed to help you know when your putts aren’t lined up and be able to work on understanding the look and feel of a putter that is lined up correctly.

What you do is put the two golf balls side by side and our goal here is to see if we can make the golf balls roll simultaneously together

We want them to roll the same pace and distance and what that’s going to show us is if our putter face is square at impact. It’s really important that it’s not turned one way to the right or to the left and that it’s perfectly square when we strike these golf balls

When we put this we’re going to work on our impact and our centeredness of contact so we’ll set up to the golf ball just like normal and we’ll make our putting stroke to see if we can make the golf balls roll together

Go ahead give that a try and if you commit to practicing this every time you are out practicing your putting, I know that you will start seeing more consistent and reliable putts.

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