Titleist TS1 Review

Very recently, Titleist has released their NEW TS1 Driver and we are very excited about it!

Titleist has always been known as the avid golfers go-to brand meaning that if you were playing twenty-five rounds of golf or had a handicap of around 10-15 or below Titleist was a brand for you.

However, the TS1 has broken the mold by becoming the club for EVERYONE. For the very first time in Titleist’s history, they actually have made a golf club that can be played by more inexperienced golfers with higher handicaps in the 25 to 35 range.

What they have done is created a driver that has a specific shape and weight distribution that creates a very high MOI (Moment of Inertia) and that’s a good thing! More MOI means more forgiveness, so if the weight is in the back of the golf club, like it is in this one, it’s going to make the club more forgiving and make golf more enjoyable for you.

If you look at this club, you can see a little dial where the tungsten weight is at the back of the driver. The idea here is that the further you can move the weight back in a golf club the more moment of inertia it has, meaning that if you hit the ball off the heel or toe, the head will twist less, keeping your shots straighter and making them more consistent.

All of the vendors that are building golf clubs for the medium to high handicap players are all trying to move that center of gravity as far back in the golf club as they can to create a higher trajectory, more forgiveness, and lower spin.

Check out the Titleist TS1 here!

Low spin out on tour is what they’re going for, but for the average golfer, spin can help you get the ball airborne which is good for the medium to high handicap players.

The other big thing that they’ve done on this driver is the overall weight of it. The TS1 is much much lighter than many other drivers, including the other Titleist TS drivers, which helps those with low clubhead speeds that are trying to hit farther finally get some additional yardage on their drives.

With the TS1 there are three loft choices. There’s a 9-5, a 10-5 and a 12-5. Again as we’re talking about golfers who need a bit of help, a 12-5 loft can get that ball airborne even more easily. So for seniors, ladies or newer golfers more loft is very helpful.

And, if all of those features weren’t enough, this driver also has an adjustable hosel that allows you to go up and down in loft just by adjusting the hosel so that you can adjust the loft to your exact needs.

Overall, the Titleist TS1 Driver is an exceptional driver for higher handicap golfers wanting to lower their scores and have more fun out on the course!

If you would like to check it out you can here, and if you have any question about this club, customizations or anything else, feel free to call us at (916) 808-0977!

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