Ken Morton Jr: Breaks Down the Callaway Paradym Driver

Can You Say “Forged Carbon Composite” Four Times In A Row? More importantly, what is a forged carbon composite? Ken Morton Jr., Vice President of Retail & Marketing for Morton golf, was named one of the 40 most influential people in golf under 40 by Golfweek Magazine. In the video Breaking Down The Callaway Paradym Driver, he explains how forged carbon composite is used in its design. Ken said it would change how golf clubs are made forever. The Callaway Paradym Driver Breakdown Choose From 3 Different Paradym Drivers The Standard Paradym Driver The Paradym driver model provides a refined… [Continue Reading “Ken Morton Jr: Breaks Down the Callaway Paradym Driver”]

What does a 460cc Driver mean in golf?

“cc” stands for cubic centimeters and the USGA dictates the maximum volume a golf driver can be is 460cc According to the USGA Rules for 2019, “The volume of the clubhead must not exceed 460 cubic centimetres (28.06 cubic inches), plus a tolerance of 10 cubic centimetres (0.61 cubic inches)” (Page 49). Ok cool, now what does that mean and why should the average golfer care? The volume of a golf club can be broken down to mean the amount of space that the club head occupies. Unfortunately, for many people that definition is not much clearer. Luckily though, we… [Continue Reading “What does a 460cc Driver mean in golf?”]