How to Choose Between The XXIO X And XXIO Eleven Drivers

With the release of the new XXIO X and XXIO Eleven drivers, a big question from many XXIO fans or people looking to try out the brand is how to choose between the two different clubs.

Aside from the eleven looking a bit better (in our opinion) than the X how do you decide between the two?

Well, let’s dive into the features and what type of golfer each club would work best for.

First of all, we have the XXIO X

According to XXIO, this club is built for low to mid handicappers who are looking for the benefits of a lightweight club.

Because of its carbon fiber elements and overall weight distribution, this club is exceptionally light for those players who are looking to increase their swing speed, thereby gaining more distance.

The XXIO X driver also features a powerful cupface which creates more forgiveness for those off-center hits as well as giving you more launch and speed.

The XXIO X also has a carbon composite structure on the sole fo the club to better distribute weight toward the back for higher MOI.

Despite claiming that this driver is for the low to mid handicap, more advanced golfers, this driver seems to have many features that make us think that even a less advanced golfer could use it to better their golf game.

Next, we have the XXIO Eleven Driver

The claim with this driver is that it is made for the mid to high handicap golfers with moderate swing speeds who are looking to hit longer, straighter drives.

This driver also features the cubface the goes over the edges of the body allowing for more forgiveness and distance.

In addition, this driver also features low, back weighting to increase MOI and a slot near the face that flexes on miss-hits towards the heel to keep your shots on target and going just as far.

The driver also features a carbon composite structure that creates better weight distribution to correct for and prevent some of the more common mis-hits such as slices.

This club also features a star frame rib structure in the sole that supports an extremely thin sole thickness of just .45 mm which redistributes the weight to the back allowing for even more launch and forgiveness.

Overall, both of these clubs are geared toward creating more forgiving shots, giving you more launch and ultimately helping you be more consistent.

However, the areas that they are different are in the features of the club head such as the star frame rib structure and slot near the face that makes the XXIO Eleven Driver even more geared towards the higher handicap golfer.

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