Price Drop On XXIO 12 Clubs At Morton Golf Sales!

The XXIO 12 Line of Clubs Is On Sale At Morton Golf Sales XXIO Twelve combines lightweight design with extreme counterbalancing for a distinct sense of ease and lightness with every swing. Both Men’s and Women’s Clubs are now on sale. Swing Speed: 80mph – 95mph Handicap: Mid – High Ball Flight: Straight Let’s dive into each XXIO… [Continue Reading “Price Drop On XXIO 12 Clubs At Morton Golf Sales!”]

XXIO 12 Woods and Irons – Presale

XXIO 12 Woods and Irons are remarkably lightweight and easy-to-use clubs offering a specialized suite of technologies that amplify performance for the moderate swing speed golfer. Exceptional look, sound, and feel, combined with unmatched attention to detail, make XXIO 12 an ultra-premium solution for enhanced distance, improved control, and altogether better golf. Presale Date: 01/05/2022… [Continue Reading “XXIO 12 Woods and Irons – Presale”]