Flop Shots Made Easy With The New Cleveland CBX Full Face Wedge

The Cleveland CBX Full-Face features a high toe profile, half-cavity design and a low-C-Shaped sole for maximum short game versatility.

The wide sole and overall blade profile take the fear out of flop shots, making it easier for avid golfers to perform impressive feats of greenside finesse with the Cleveland CBX Full-Face wedge.

This new wedge is full of cool features to help take your short game to the next level.

These features include:

High Toe Profile

Hit more extreme open-face shots with an extended toe portion, perfect for sliding under the golf ball and striking it on the toe.

To hit a flop shot that stops a foot from the hole and has your buddies fist-bumping before you’ve even reached for your putter, you’re gonna need confidence.

Cleveland CBX Full-Face grants you that confidence. Its extended toe portion gives you a massive hitting surface so you can open the face to ridiculous levels without fear of missing your shot.

Rotex Full Face

Rotex Milling, Laser Milling, and Tour Zip Grooves cover every millimeter of the hitting surface, ensuring maximum versatility with maximum spin.

A bigger Rotex face gives you more places to strike the ball with max spin, so your shot options just got endless.

With an entire face of Rotex Milling, Laser Milling, and Tour Zip Grooves, the most advanced wedge face in golf just got bigger (which means it’s better, obviously).

Half-Cavity Design

A cavity near the heel, a solid muscle back on the toe. We’ve moved the sweet spot right where you’re most likely to hit the ball, improving feel and pushing forgiveness levels off the charts.

Yup. the said it. They’re bringing forgiveness to the toughest shot in the short game. But it wasn’t easy.

It took a double hosel bore and a totally new half-cavity design to reach Holy Grail levels of CG placement.

But we did it—we’re officially toe-side. That gives you enhanced forgiveness and better feel, even on the toughest flop.

Low C-Shaped Sole

Optimized for open face shots, Full-Face offers our lowest Cleveland CBX grind to date. It’s also C-Shaped for relief on the heel and toe, allowing for unhindered face manipulation.

Play whatever face angle you want and Full-Face delivers. Its C-shaped sole grind features relief on the heel and toe, so you’re ready for anything greenside

Overall, this new wedge comes jam-packed with awesome features to help even intermediate golfers hit shots that used to only be reserved for the pros. Get yours today and watch your short game take off!

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