How to Choose Between the New Bridgestone Tour B X, XS, RX and RXS Golf Balls

With a new cover that changes based on how hard you hit it, the new Bridgestone Tour B balls are very impressive, but between the X, XS, RX, and RXS which is best for your game?

All of the models of these balls are engineered with a new “REACTIV” cover that creates more distance off the tee and more spin on the short shots which, before this point, most companies thought was impossible.

So how do they do it?

With hundreds of millions of dollars in R&D, the backing of one of the greatest rubber companies in the world, and an all-new urethane cover that reacts differently based on the speed of impact.

This allows these balls to feel harder off the tee and softer around the green as a result of this new, breakthrough cover REACTing differently to the speed at which you make impact with the ball.

However, they have released 4 new models with this cover for different players and desired outcomes, so which one is best for you?

First off, we have the ball designed and played by Tiger Woods.

The Tour B XS

The Tour B XS balls were specifically designed for and by Tiger Woods, as an upgrade to the ball he picked up in 2018 and based on reported testing these balls have apparently given him a significant amount more distance and spin (at different times of course).

The XS is made for players with a swing speed over 105 that want a softer feel and maximum greenside spin, allowing you to stop approach and pitch shots on a dime.

Unless you are a very talented player with a very low handicap and high swing speed then this model is probably better left to the pros.

Tour B X

Next we have the Tour B X which is played by Bryson Dechambeau, Matt Kuchar (yes he played them during his recent win) and Lexi Thompson.

This ball is also recommended for the faster swing speed golfer, swinging 105 or faster.

However, this ball is engineered for maximum distance as well as hit and sit performance on these close shots.

Like all the new Tour Bs this ball has the REACTIV cover but is engineered just a little differently for the player that prioritizes distance.

Tour B RX

The Tour B RX is where you start getting into the balls made for players with slower swing speeds.

This ball is made for the player with a swing speed below 105 that wants higher ball speed and more distance yet still achieve hit and sit performance on approach shots.

Tour B RXS

The Tour BE RXS is also for golfers with a swing speed of less than 105.

This ball, however, is made for the golfer that prioritizes a softer feel and maximum greenside spin giving you more stopping power and control.

This is the ball that you should get if you want the type of feel that Tiger plays with the forgiving distance of a ball made for your swing speed.

Overall, there are many different variables that go into choosing which model is best for you, but I hope this helped you discover works best for your game!

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