What is the Ping Vault?

If you’re active enough in the golfing community you may have heard about the almost mythical PING Vault. There are many rumors circulating saying things like PING has a hidden secret vault with hundreds of solid gold putters. What is the truth behind these Fort Knox level claims?

Is There a Vault of Gold Clubs?

Yes, there is a vault of gold-plated clubs at the PING headquarters in Pheonix, Arizona.

Are the Clubs Made of Solid Gold?

No, the clubs stored in the PING Vault are not solid gold. That is not economically feasible. Instead, the clubs stored in the vault are gold-plated. This means that they are coated in gold.

Is the Vault Buried Underground?

No, the vault is not buried deep underground. The vault is locked and heavily protected. It is definitely locked away safely. However, PING did not hollow out a volcano and bury it 1,000 miles underground.

Where do the Clubs Come From?

Karsten Solheim decided that he would congratulate professionals for using his equipment. He chose to create two gold-plated putters every time a professional won a tournament using a PING putter. One of these putters is then presented to the professional who won and the other is stored in the vault.

What is the Oldest Putter in the Vault?

The oldest putter in the vault is John Barnum’s model 69 from his 1962 Cajun Classic victory.

How Many Putters Are in the Vault?

Currently, there are over 3,000 putters in the vault. The vault has actually needed to be expanded several times throughout its life because of how many putters are being added.

Which Putter is in the Vault the Most?

The PING Anser putter is in the vault most. There are over 500 gold-plated PING Ansers in the vault.

Are There Only Putters in the Vault?

There are a few wedges in the vault as well. The wedges are gold-plated when the winning shot is made ith a wedge instead of a putter.

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