5 Weirdest Golf Club Designs

Golf club technology is constantly evolving. Manufacturers are always searching for the newest breakthrough in golf. This has led to a number of ambitious designs throughout the years. Some have paid off and others… well let’s just say others have made our list of the 5 weirdest golf club designs.

Penta Putter Woody

This unique putter design comes from Japan. Currently available and priced at $440 this putter features some truly one of a kind design elements. Firstly, the shape is striking. Like its name suggest the Penta Woody is shaped like a pentagonal prism. Additionally, it is not just made of any wood. It is made from Lignotex, which is an environmentally friendly compressed wood. This material supposedly, creates the perfect feel for the putter, while maintaining long-term durability and appearance.

Hammer-X Driver

If anyone has ever seen the commercials for this driver then you’re probably familiar with the Hammer-X Driver. If you haven’t seen the marketing for this driver then please watch the video attached. It is truly something to see. The Hammer-X Driver itself is something to see too. Its open design claims to make it the “longest driver”. However, tests and reviews seem to claim otherwise. Regardless, it is truly one of the strangest designs we have seen.

Orizaba Basakwerd Putter

Like its name subtly suggests, the Basakwerd Putter appears to be facing backward. Like a lot of putter designs throughout the years, I don’t how much real scientific research went into it, but hey it definitely looks cool. Most golfers know that style points are oftentimes more important than actual golf scores. However, that might just what I keep telling myself. Maybe buying my fifth white belt won’t finally make the cart girl like me…

Chase Glenn Putter

Putters seem to be a goldmine for unconventional designs. Next up is the Chase Glenn Putter. The combination of the rounded face and weighted back, supposedly make for a consistent and smooth putter stroke. According to their website “The Chase Glenn cylindrical putter is designed to precisely contact the ball to create the perfect amount of top spin, so that your putt never ends up short”. I cannot speak to the accuracy of these claims but for only $129.99 it may be worth a shot.

Bullet Hollow Point Driver

This piece of 1990s engineering is extraordinarily unique. The driver is an open-air design, similar to the Hammer-X driver. Unfortunately, the USGA ruled that this design is nonconforming and illegal. This driver seemed to rely on the classic design strategy of removing something that was normally there. It’s a bold strategy but ultimately didn’t appear to work in this instance.

That concludes our shortlist of the strangest golf clubs. If you disagree with any of our choices or have some strange clubs you can think of then feel free to comment them below.

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