TaylorMade TP Patina Putters (COMPLETE REVIEW)

The All-New TP Patina Putters by TaylorMade are out and they are beautiful! With a patinaed bronze finish on the bottom and a sleek grey from the top, these putters create a very unique look for any golfer that is wanting to get a putter that stands out in the bag and helps them lower their score!

The TP Patina series includes a number of different putter head styles to suit whatever style fits your game best. These different models include:

The Ardmore 1 Putter

With a single band shaft for an unobstructed view of the clubface from address, a face-balanced design for golfers with a straight pendulum stroke, and a double sight line frame to help you hit straight this is a great putter. This putter is perfect for the golfer that prefers a complete mallet design with a weighting towards the back and that wants a strong emphasis on lining the ball up (who doesn’t?).

The Ardmore 2 Putter

The Ardmore 2 has the center taken out to create more perimeter weighting, as well as sharper edges for golfers that like that style of design.

This club also has the single bend shaft for a better view of the face, a face-balanced design for those with a straight pendulum stroke, as well as the double sight line frames to line the ball up.

The Ardmore 3 Putter

The Ardmore 3 has a bit of a more rounded look than the 2, as well as a few features that make it very different from the Ardmore 1 & 2.

This putter has a small curve hosel to prove a more traditional look at address, as well as a 42-degree toe hang which is best for golfers with an arc in their stroke.

Additionally, this putter comes with a single sightline to create a clean look at address, as well as help you with your alignment.

The DuPage Putter

The DuPage putter is the most angular of the TP patina Putter line with a single bend shaft that allows for an unobstructed view of the face, a face-balanced design for those with a straight forward straight backstroke and a single sightline.

This is a great putter for those with no arc to their swing, that like strong perimeter weighting, and want s a very modern putter design.

The Del Monte Putter

The TP Patina Del Monte Putter also has a single bend shaft and a single sightline but is different in the sense that it has an 8-degree toe hang for those with a more arcing putting stroke as opposed to straight forward and back. This is a great, clean-cut blade putter for those with a more arcing stroke and that like the original putter look.

The Juno Putter

Next, we have the Juno Putter, a thinner, more angular blade of the TP Patina family.

This blade putter has an L-neck hosel to build a more traditional look with an enhanced hand position at address. Additionally, this club has a 36-degree toe hang for those with a moderately arcing swing path and the common single sightline that provides great visibility of how to line up, as well as the clean-cut look of not having too much on the top of the putter.

The Soto Putter

Lastly, we have the Soto putter, one of the more smooth looking blades of the family and has the most traditional look of all the TP Patina Putters.

This putter has a long curve hosel to create the traditional look, a 47-degree toe hang for those with a significant arc to their stroke, and a single sightline to provide that clean look. This putter is great for the more advanced golfer with a very arc-based stroke!

No matter what type of golfer you are, beginner or advanced, straight swing or crazy arc, the TP Patina Family of putters by TaylorMade has a putter that will fit your style.

If you want to see them all be able to compare information, price and design then just go here.

Happy Putting!

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