How to Pick the Right Golf Coach For You

If you are someone that is serious about getting better at golf, that wants to be able to enjoy their time out on the course and maybe even be the person that their friends come to for advice then one thing that you absolutely need to do is work with a golf coach.

There is no better way to progress than to work with someone who knows what they are doing and have been trained to be able to teach you in the most effective way possible.

However, you are then left with the question… How do I choose the best golf coach for me?

Well here are a couple of tips to be able to make the right choice the first time so that you can get to learning in the most enjoyable way possible.

1.) Do They Know What They’re Doing?

First and foremost, does your golf coach even know what they are doing?

Are they a PGA Golf Professional? Have they trained people before and have they had success at it?

The best coaches to work with are those with relevant experience and expertise to be able to teach you correctly without instilling bad habits, as well as the ability to coach well.

A great player isn’t always a great coach and a great coach isn’t always a great player, but if they have been well trained and helped people before, then that is definitely a good indicator of their ability to help you.

2.) Talk With Them Before You Sign Up

Before you even sign up for lessons, you should go out to where the golf pro works or talk with them on the phone to discuss the problems you are having, what skill level you’re at and what they think would be the best training regimen for you.

This will give you a good idea of how the golf coach is with you and you can determine if you even like them which is a huge factor in having a good coach/student relationship.

Doing this will also help to give you an idea of how they train, what kind of commitment you need to make to get the results you are after in the time you are wanting, and whether or not it is something that is even doable for you right now in your life.

3.) Are They Available When You Are?

Is the golf coach you are thinking about working with even available during the hours that you are able to take lessons?

Before you get too deep in the process, make sure you get an understanding of their schedule so that you can know right from the beginning if you are going to be able to work with them.

No matter how awesome they are, if they just can’t work with you because they aren’t available (after work, lunch breaks, etc..) then it will be very hard to consistently work with them and will ultimately hinder your progress!

4.) Know-How You Learn

Lastly, before you make the ultimate decision to work with a golf coach, it is great to know how you learn.

Are you a visual learner, do you learn by doing, or is some other way that works best for you?

The reason you need to know this is so that you can see if the coach you are looking at working with teaches in a way that will be conducive to the way you learn.

If you have a seemingly awesome golf coach but they only teach in a way that actually hinders your learning then it ultimately won’t be as good of a fit as someone that teaches you the way that you learn best.

So, beyond the coach being close to you or you being willing to drive to them, these other factors play a major role in the success and enjoyment of your coaching experience.

Make sure you pay attention to the couple things we have listed above and if your golf coach meets all the requirements, then you are in good hands!

Have fun out on the course!

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