The New JAWS Raw 23 Wedge

Designed with new technologies and honed with Roger Cleveland’s 40-plus years of expert craftsmanship, the New JAWS Raw 23 Wedge brings raw scoring performance to your wedge game.

JAWS Raw Wedges feature three key pieces of technology that make the club a total spin machine. First, razor sharp grooves promote a controlled, “one hop and stop” trajectory. Next, offset groove-in groove technology with milled micro-grooves positioned at a 20 degree angle deliver added spin on chips, pitches, and lob shots. Finally, the new raw design removes plating on the face for maximum friction and spin, as well as allowing the wedge to rust over time in scoring zone.

Callaway put great effort into weight balancing the JAWS Raw, and made a real breakthrough, utilizing tungsten in a wedge for the first time. In the sand and lob edge, the usage of tungsten allows Callaway to center the CG position, resulting in increased control and feel. Additionally, variable length hosels improve the wedge’s weight balance, and are engineered to control trajectory while enhancing forgiveness.

With 17 loft and bounce combinations, the Jaws Raw lineup fits a variety of players and wedge needs.

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The JAWS Raw 23 Wedge is available on Morton Golf Sales. Click here to purchase yours today.

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