The Craziest Putters Ever Made!

The craziest putters make you think outside the box.

How do you know if one of the craziest putters compliments your style? Finding the right putter is crucial for golfers who want to improve their putting and overall game. Align your putts, control distance, improve feel, and match your personal preferences, leading to better results on the course.

Many unique and unusual golf putters designed over the years led to some of the craziest putters ever made:

The Hammer X Putter:

Hammer X Putter, Photo from Ebay

Hammer X Putter, Photo from Ebay

A large, square-shaped head with a flat face is designed to help golfers hit the ball straighter and more accurately. It looks more like a sledgehammer than a putter!

The Axis1 Rose Putter:

Axis1 Rose Putter

Axis1 Rose Putter, photo from PGA Tour Super Store

The out-of-the-box design places the shaft in the center of the club head, intended to help golfers hit putts more consistently and accurately.

The Never Compromise Exchange Putter:

Never Compromise Exchange Putter

GM 2 EXCHANGE # 1 Never Compromise Mallet Putter 35″ RH Super Stroke Handle, Photo from Ebay

This putter has an interchangeable faceplate system that allows golfers to swap out different materials and shapes for the putter face to customize the feel and performance of their putter.

The Two-Ball Putter:

Two-Ball Putter

Two-Ball Putter, Photo from Scheels

This putter features two small balls on the top of the clubhead, intended to help golfers align their putts more accurately and consistently.

Odyssey Tank Cruiser Putter

Odyssey Tank Cruiser Putter

Odyssey Tank Cruiser Putter, photo from Ebay

This putter has a counterbalance system built into the grip and head. Helping golfers maintain a smoother stroke and reduce the tendency to twist the putter face during the stroke strengthens their game.

The examples of many crazy and unique golf putters that do not conform to yesterday’s standards.

Using a crazy putter can help golfers break out of a putting out by providing a new perspective on the game. Sometimes, a change in equipment or technique can help golfers overcome mental barriers and improve their performance on the green.

Ultimately, choosing one of the craziest putters is a personal one, and golfers should choose a putter that feels comfortable and suits their individual playing style.

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