The PING Golf Hoofer 14 Carry Bag for 2020 is an excellent choice for any golfer.

Ping has a great selection of golf bags for all types of players, but the Hoofer 14 Carry Bag remains one of our top sellers.

Each release of a new Ping Hoofer 14 Carry Bag is always a very exciting time of year! This golf bag always strikes the ideal balance of features, storage, durability, and a wide selection of colors including:



Bright Blue/White/Scarlet


Heathered Grey/Navy/Scarlet

The best part about living in a time where technology seamlessly intertwines with a person’s needs is that there is a ton of time spent researching and developing products that can benefit any player profile. In the perfect world, there would be a bag that offers a great amount of storage without compromising size and ergonomics. Well, that world is here! The Hoofer 14 Carry Bag has 11 pockets. That is nice to hear, but how much space will that actually offer? Picture this, there is enough pocket storage space to pour 22 – one-liter soda bottles into the pockets! That is a ton of useable space.

Speaking of useable features, the 14-way top has lining that goes all the way down to the bottom of the bag to ensure that your clubs are properly protected and extends the life of your grips! The light-weight 300D Polyester contributes to the light-weight nature of this bag. At 5.5 lbs, you will find this bag easy to carry around.

Ping Golf knows that protecting your valuables is a must! They have included two valuables pockets in this bag, one of which is velour-lined to prevent wear on the surface of the materials you place in these pockets. There is also a magnetic pocket that gives you easy access to store your rangefinder.

In conclusion, the Ping Hoofer 14 Golf Bag is packed with practical features that you will be happy to use each and every time you play golf. You can order yours online today by clicking on the link below that takes you directly to the page on our website where you can conveniently order yours today.

Order the Ping Hoofer 14 Golf Bag

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