What you missed on the Morton Golf Sales YouTube Channel last month.

If you’re looking for a YouTube Channel that features the latest golf gear, tech, news, and entertainment all in one place, the Morton Golf Sales YouTube Channel is only one click away! In case you missed some of the recent releases, here are a few that many people enjoyed last month.

Hosel Rockets Podcast – Ep.7 Brand New Nike Golf Bags and Upcoming Nike Golf Footwear in 2020

In episode 7 of the Hosel Rockets Podcast, we sit down with Jeff Stewart from Nike Golf. He shows off 3 brand new Nike Golf bags. The Nike Air Hybrid bag, Nike Air Sport bag, and Nike Sport Lite Golf Bag are soon to be released in 2020. During our Jackburgeroni segment, we talk about our favorite holes in golf.

The New Mizuno MP20 Blades

Will shows off the new Mizuno MP20 blades and explains how these have been designed to help players achieve optimum performance during each round. They have an incredible copper underlay that may make them the softest feeling golf irons ever!

The New Callaway Odyssey Black Ten and Bird of Prey Putters (FULL REVIEW)

In this video, Calvin shows off the all-new Callaway odyssey Black Ten and Bird of Prey Putters.

Hosel Rockets Podcast – Ep. 8 Tips on Improving Endurance and Avoiding Injuries on the Golf Course

In episode 8 of the Hosel Rockets Podcast, we invited Greg Parry from Parry Physical Therapy and Athletic Enhancement in Sacramento, CA. He shares very enlightening tips for improving endurance and avoiding injury on the golf course including tips on nutrition, warm-up drills, and proper stretching techniques.

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